My second reading of the year with Steph- super illuminating and thorough- i left feeling like i had such a better handle on the landscape that has been unfolding for me this year and how to make sense of some pretty painful losses in 2020 in the bigger pattern and evolution of things. She answered all of my Q’s as well as took the time to go back to my email to her from our reading 11 months prior and extract meaningful things as well. Getting a chart read is a a vulnerable and super personal thing- I told her things I don’t tell anyone:) And she’s good for it…trustworthy, professional, compassionate, empathetic, insightful and real. — Sarah B.


I just received my second reading from Steph. I love how pragmatic she is – she doesn’t tell you what you want to hear but what you need to know. She also comprehensively looks at your chart so that you know what to look out for in the coming months/year and the trends that are unfolding in your future. Looking back on my first reading with Steph, I had quite a ride in 2020 and crazily, she predicted most of the major turning points and milestones in my year. I love how she speaks in generals rather than specifics – which I prefer so that I don’t predispose my future but rather, just let it unfold. She also is incredibly responsible in delivering that information to you so that you walk away confident and with clarity. — Nicole F.


Steph was friendly and easy to talk to as she guided me through current transitions in my chart! She made sure to ask questions to ensure I understood what we were discussing and provided me with plenty of information to dig into as I relisten to the recording of our session! — Aspen D.


Steph is spot-on and read me for FILTH (in a good way). She is incredibly talented, dedicated, and supportive towards her clients. I left our session feeling validated and empowered. Thank you Steph! — E.K.


I booked a year ahead reading with Steph and she was amazing! She explained everything and answered all of my questions. I would certainly recommend her services and plan on booking another reading. — Edward S.


I’ve been following Steph’s brilliant words and pics on Instagram and her feed is one of the first places I go when sh*t is feeling f*cked up! To find out what is happening in the sky! We did a combined natal and transit reading a few weeks ago(which was a blast… to hear her thoughtful and flowing translations of my chart and her genuine ease and interest) and I’ve listened to the recording twice more bc it was packed with so much juicy … and incredibly helpful information. I can’t wait to dig deeper with her! — Sarah B.