Supermoon in Taurus

Supermoon in Taurus

Today’s full moon in Taurus is a beauty, but I mean, what else would you expect from a Venus-ruled lunation?

Its proximity to us here on Earth — the closest it’s been in 68 years, and the closest we’ll see for another 18 — makes it an especially impactful one for us emotionally. Full moons can be a time for separation, as we’re seeing here in the U.S. quite clearly. But they’re also a time for objectivity, and you may have noticed that many people around you are reaching for mutual understanding, even if they’re unwilling to budge on issues of moral standing.

Taurus is stubborn as fuck, so that’s not at all surprising. But behind the bull’s intransigence is a carefulness and a sense of deliberation that suggests we took our time and weighed all our options, and this place that we’ve arrived to is the only viable one. Full stop.

A Taurus full moon turns our attention toward issues of value and belonging. The way we appraise things — be they our possessions or the more precious commodities in our lives — is coming up for review at the moment.

This full moon also highlights the Taurus/Scorpio axis, creating a dynamic between our personal and collective resources. It’s the difference between digging deep into the soil and taking a break to simply exist on top of it. Transformation is necessary and heavy work, but who said you can’t balance that with pleasure and creature comforts? Self-care might be our only recourse when change and upheaval are running the show, and by filling our own cup first, we’ll have more to bring to the negotiating table.

Just for fun, let’s take a look at what the Sabian Symbols have to say for this moon, which sits at 22 degrees Taurus.

Well, damn. A white dove flying over troubled waters. This symbol represents the ability to find ease and safety in the midst of trouble, as well as to offer calm and protection to those in need. This is about reaching out to people who currently need the reassurance, and rising above the anxiety to inhabit a higher vibration in times of crisis.

It’s almost as though the moon needed to get extra close for this.

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