Supermoon in Aries

Supermoon in Aries

In case you haven’t noticed, things are somewhat tense at the moment. The remaining days of this election season shitshow are working in overdrive to achieve maximum turbulence, and whispers of World War III don’t seem entirely out of place in this environment. For all that talk of Libra and its peace and diplomacy bonafides, it sure doesn’t seem like we’re entering an era of cooperation.

To the extent that it can accurately describe our present reality, astrology has more to do with identifying potential than it does with identifying definite outcomes. But the potential that this week’s astrology can explain away the chaos is pretty damn high.

Earlier this week, Mercury and Mars engaged in a hostile square aspect, prompting verbal barbs and impulsive temper tantrums.

As though that weren’t enough to put us all on edge, the Sun is opposing Uranus and Mercury is squaring Pluto today in the remaining hours leading up to the turbocharged Aries Supermoon. There’s always an element of unpredictability to account for when Uranus is in the mix, and it’ll be almost exactly conjunct the full moon tonight at 12:23 am EDT. With Mercury square Pluto, we’re already predisposed to churning up our own mental anxiety by spinning our cognitive wheels from a suspicious or pessimistic vantage point. With Uranus playing a significant supporting role in all of this, we should probably brace ourselves for more surprises and plot twists to emerge before this month is through — not to mention rebellious behavior on an interpersonal and collective level.

This opposition is specifically teasing out the themes associated with the Aries/Libra axis, which speaks to the tension between self and other, between ego and cooperation, and between action and deliberation. Aries is a pioneering crusader who shoots from the hip and is forever ready to go to war or ditch this clambake at a moment’s notice. It’s all about impulse and individuality with Aries: new ideas, personal identity, independence, and “just doing it.” Libra is a fair-minded diplomat who is forever considering the needs and opinions of everyone else. There’s a reason why they’re so often the darlings of your social scene, because they’re naturally endowed with tact and grace. But with Libra, part of getting along means coloring reality with a rose-tinted Instagram filter. Playing nice at the expense of getting real is a major pitfall here, as is a tendency to sit on the fence and avoid taking sides (we see you, all you devil’s advocates).

The full moon is a time when things are culminating, or reaching a boiling point. The writing’s on the wall, so to speak, so what are you deciphering? Where do you currently stand on the scales of compromise in your relationships? Every partnership should provide us with ample room to be ourselves, but when personal needs threaten the balance of give and take, a correction will eventually arrive in one form or another. There’s a reason why full moons are often referred to as a “make it or break it” point for a given situation.

The explosive potential of this supermoon suggests we’re not in the mood to keep things under wraps for the sake of superficial harmony. Whatever we’ve been repressing is poised to emerge — suddenly and brazenly. The upside of this is that these revelations could catapult us out of old, restrictive patterns for good. The downside is that we might break some glass in the process, but you know what they say about breaking eggs and making omelets. Stay sane, stay awake, and count to ten.

Art: Ryan and Trevor Oakes.

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