Sun in Gemini: Duality, Multiplicity, and All of the Things

Sun in Gemini: Duality, Multiplicity, and All of the Things

There comes a time in every story when it’s no longer enough to merely “stop and smell the roses.” There’s only so much of the same stimulation you can stomach before you dive into a Wikipedia black hole about roses and botany, and then quickly get distracted by a million other browser tabs.

It’s Gemini season, folks, which means we’ve officially moved beyond the simple pleasures of Eden in order to learn us some knowledge — however transgressive that may be.

Everyone knows the part about the twins. If you’re not content to merely bask in #GeminiSlander (two-faced! Duplicitous!), it might be helpful to consider what twins do when they’re together. They talk — a lot — about anything and everything, as if to exhaustively report back to each other on the multifaceted nature of experience seen through two divergent perspectives.

Quick review: if Aries is the moment of conception, and Taurus is when the fertilized egg implants itself in the womb, Gemini would be the process of mitosis — cells splitting and dividing and multiplying. Duality and multiplicity is what allows multiple pieces of the puzzle to be in conversation with one another, and to ultimately exchange data and information.

Gemini loves information for information’s sake. Gemini loves soundbites and quips and puns and tweets. Gemini samples the pupu platter of life. Gemini is a literal Wi-Fi signal. Gemini has the most eclectic Spotify library you’ve ever seen. Though some may be accused of dabbling or sticking their finger in many pies without attaining full mastery of any one particular subject, this brainy, intellectual sign can easily be an encyclopedic powerhouse of trivia and facts. They might not always be the most useful or practical facts, but they never cease to be interesting, even if they sometimes come at the expense of organization and details, which is where Virgo picks up the slack — the other Mercury-ruled sign. Gemini might produce an ADD level of attention, but who can focus when there’s so much variety to experience?

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, so it’s no wonder it’s often described as mercurial. This mutable energy blows hot and cold, and it can quickly exchange one viewpoint for another as new stimuli flash between its synapses. Its loyalty lies in the truth of “right now,” and “now” is a thing that’s in a constant state of motion.

As spring melts into summer and the molecules speed up in the gradually intensifying heat, follow your curiosity, amass all the new information you can, and try all of the things. Taurus likes having its cake, but Gemini eats it too.

(Art: Kiki Kogelnik)

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