Making Sense of Your Readings

What I offer here is a bit more involved than your typical newspaper horoscope. Daily horoscopes look at one aspect of your chart — your Sun Sign — and give you a generalized interpretation of how things look for you and the millions of other people born that month. They do nothing to account for the fact that your Sun is at 15 degrees Taurus, versus the other guy’s Sun, which is at 29 degrees Taurus and is being tightly aspected by Mars and Saturn.

Real astrology is an incredibly complex, comprehensive, and fairly mathematical discipline that no computer can fully do justice to, but my reports can equip you with a much more specific idea of what’s happening in your life — cosmically speaking — than a standard daily horoscope.

So what are transits? They’re astrological events that occur when a planet forms an aspect — or a certain type of angle — to the planets in your birth chart. If you were born with your Moon at 23 degrees Sagittarius and Venus is currently stationed at 23 degrees Aquarius, it’s forming an exact sextile — or 60 degree angle — and that relationship means something specific every time.

Your reports will keep you up to speed on all the transits, detours, and inroads that are in the stars for you, ranging from the passing moods to the longer, more enduring influences.

Because some transits take their time (we’re talking weeks and months), I won’t show them to you up front every time, because you’d probably get tired of reading that. But you can always refer back to your ongoing transits at the bottom of your report, under “Long-term transits,” once you’re done skimming the stuff that’s new and exciting. Keep in mind that even the more ephemeral transits can stick around for a few days (and even repeat themselves during a retrograde period), so it’s perfectly normal to see the same transit show up multiple days in a row.

If you’re a daily subscriber, you’ll also receive a bunch of extra information regarding your house transits. This provides additional context for your cosmic stuff. When a planet chugs along through the zodiac, it aligns with certain points in your natal chart for a period of time — which is what we call a transit. In other words, when IRL Venus is at a 90 degree angle to your natal Mars (or where Mars was at the time of your birth), that means you’re being affected by a Venus square Mars transit. But Venus will also be traveling through the 5th house of your chart — just to give an example — the entire time it’s camped out in that corner of the sky. Knowing what a 5th house Venus transit feels like will give you added context for that entire several-week period, as well as for the specific Venus transits that occur during that time.

Still confused? Have very important astrology questions? Email me at I’m happy to chat, or even take a closer look at your situation if you need more clarity.