Solar Eclipse in Leo: The Great American Shadow

Solar Eclipse in Leo: The Great American Shadow

Well, it’s here. The seminal astrological and astronomical event of the year, over which much ink has been spilled, and many prognostications have been made.

If you’re reading this from the continental U.S., you’ve probably either made travel plans for this eclipse, or you know someone who has. It’s pretty rare for an eclipse to trace a path across the entire country like this. It’s even rarer for an eclipse to limit its path of totality to the continental U.S. alone — the last time that happened, according to Anne Ortelee, it was 1776. 1776 y’all.

The astrological implications of this event are pretty much all over America’s map, as far as America is concerned. Not only is it focusing its coronal beams with laser-sharp precision on our country, but it’s also occurring at the same degree as Donald Trump’s ascendant: roughly 29 degrees Leo. This anaretic (or “late”) degree of Leo, the sign of royalty and kings, can involve an excessive or over-the-top expression of narcissism, ego, and dominion. It also denotes a sense of urgency surrounding the entire premise of rulership — almost as though the people in power are behaving in increasingly desperate ways as they feel their influence dwindling.

This Leo eclipse has probably been the most talked-about event of the year within astrological circles, and in a lot of ways, the predictions are already coming true. Eclipses deliver sudden, dramatic endings, beginnings, and reversals; Leo is the sign of leadership. “Heads will roll” has been a prevailing theme in these discussions, and those photos of DJT and his O.G. staff are already aging terribly. It’s beyond any of us to say for certain what this will mean for our POS POTUS — or whether his removal will even improve our circumstances by any measurable degree. But he’s certainly implicated here, and to a pretty precise degree.

At the moment, though, Trump’s fate is somewhat beyond the point. America’s closeted white supremacists are mobilizing in front of our eyes, and an even greater number of moderates are giving them a pass. This contingent (ranging all the way from Grand Wizard to “I don’t see race”) is far more enduring than a presidency, and they’ll be here long after the Democrats regain control of the government. This is the face of the Great American Shadow that has been with our nation since before the beginning. And if Leo is all about courage, then we’re going to need a lot of that to rise to the occasion — and to avoid the temptation to look away as the veil is peeled back, assuming we’re privileged enough to have that option in the first place.

Given that the Sun, Moon, Mars, and the North Node all sitting in a loose conjunction in Leo, it’s interesting to see so many people questioning the merits of “the nonviolent approach” as “the higher path” in every situation. Every archetype can be expressed in healthy and unhealthy ways. And though the low-vibe Martial themes of militarism, violence, and aggression are already pretty predominant on our society, there still remains a time and a place for “fighting the good fight,” because “love and light” is tantamount to passivity when there is action to be taken. Mars “does” — he “acts.” Action can be a form of peaceful protest too, but Mars won’t hesitate to defend his family if he has to, either. And with the North Node roped into this equation, a lot of people are finding purpose and meaning in this call to action.

Today, on Sunday, Mars just sextiled Jupiter, which creates an assertive combination of “principles” and “action.”

Tomorrow, Uranus perfects a trine to the Sun, which is the ruling planet of this eclipse. Revolution is certainly in the air, and we might surprise ourselves by how willing we are to turn on a dime and try something radically different on for size. Whether literally or metaphorically, gazing at the Sun is certainly on the agenda. Just make sure you’re wearing the appropriate protective eyewear.

Art: Jules de Balincourt

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