Solar Eclipse In Leo: A More Vulnerable, Authentic And Embarrassing Heart

Solar Eclipse In Leo: A More Vulnerable, Authentic And Embarrassing Heart

A lot of stories are coming to a close in these muggy, waning days of summer. Mercury and Mars will both be direct by month’s end. Today’s eclipse is the final in a series of three this summer. And zooming out a bit, it’s also the second to last eclipse of the Leo/Aquarius series that began in February 2017.

Politically — at least here in the U.S. — this period of time has coincided with more than a few shakeups related to crowned leaders (Leo) and people’s movements (Aquarius).

On a personal scale, one gets the sense that this time spent following the north star of the Leo North Node has coaxed more than a few impressive talents out of hiding, which has either introduced us to an entirely new community or reoriented some of us in relation to our extended families. Some friendships may have been outgrown. Ironic disaffection was likely discarded in favor of a more vulnerable, authentic and embarrassing heart.

It’s worth thinking about what a solar eclipse signifies. It’s the life force temporarily overshadowed; the insistent “I amness” of the ego momentarily occulted by the unconsciousness of the moon. It’s a deep internal program surging through your system and triggering the circuit breaker — a hard “turn it off and on again” reset of your conscious identity necessitated by a few seconds of fumbling around in the dark.

In the sign of the Sun’s rulership, Leo, this couldn’t be more apt. Leo loves a story, and what is our entire sense of who we are but a really complicated, colorful story that we keep telling ourselves and everyone around us?

For those of you with planets or points near 18 degrees Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus, your story is now subject to divine interruption, but not without a generous opportunity to rewrite what’s already written. This eclipse is conjunct retrograde Mercury, who is basically an editor asking us to put new chapters on hold in order to revise the material we already have. We don’t necessarily have to invent any new ideas right now in order to become ourselves just a little more authentically. The “answer” is probably something we’ve already been talking about for quite some time.

Because it wouldn’t be an eclipse without a challenge, Mercury is also square Jupiter in this chart, so we’ll have to overcome a temptation to bite off more than we can chew, talk a big game, jump to conclusions, formulate half-baked ideas, or speak out of turn. But so long as you give this brainstorming session the time and space it needs, you’ll find something in there worth the follow-through.

Art: @m_s_mag

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