Solar Eclipse In Capricorn: You Can Handle It

Solar Eclipse In Capricorn: You Can Handle It

Picture this: it’s the first week of January, Mars is all freshly jacked-up in Aries, and you’re still flying high at an altitude of 30,000 feet, hyped on the distant notion of turning your world upside-down (for the better) in 2019. Along comes the Capricorn Eclipse not even five days in, opening the doorway of the plane to reveal a mad, howling sound outside, handing you a parachute, and saying, “Look, bitch, you said you could handle a sky-dive. Are you ready to do this thing or what?”

This metaphor’s a tad dramatic, but it accomplishes two things. One, it illustrates the chaotic uncertainty of eclipses, which create openings in the predictable order of things that speed up the process of inevitable change (and yes, when this happens in the sign of Capricorn, we’ll probably be called to pull up our adult-person shorts and rise to the occasion). Two, it recognizes how neatly aligned the current astrology is with our usual Gregorian calendar “new year, new me” routine. If you were hoping to make some radical changes this year, you don’t necessarily have to wait to leap. But no one said it would be an easy or gentle process either.

At 15 degrees Capricorn, this eclipse is nestled in between Saturn and Pluto – not the coziest of bedfellows by any means. Saturn constricts and doles out karma, and Pluto is the grim reaper. And when things go down in the sign of Capricorn, planets generally do their thing in a conservative way — a way that’s cognizant of limits and realities, a way that’s more interested in longevity than immediate reward, and a way that’s mindful of optics. Capricorn is a sign that’s concerned with upholding a dignified reputation, and it won’t be caught dead looking foolish.

The sum total of this combination means that some of us might experience a stern rebuke if we’ve been behaving irresponsibly, and some of us might be called to tighten up our game and “kill our darlings” in the name of advancing to the next level. Some of us might feel trapped by the pressure of our current circumstances, which might require us to come to terms with some difficult truths in order to transform our relationship to them. But transformation is very possible during an eclipse.

Capricorn and Saturn are both associated with boundaries and rules, and this eclipse might also offer an opportunity to redefine the ones we’re operating within.

Though the overall vibe of this eclipse might feel like a heavy, iron-clad thud that cracks the ground when it lands and stirs up stagnant soil that hasn’t been fertile in years, there’s also a hopeful sextile to Neptune that keeps the light on upstairs while we’re mucking around in the dirt of “reality.” We might not be able to escape the work that’s cut out for us right now, but at least we’ll feel inspired while we’re doing it.

Additionally, there’s also a whole lot of background noise that might help create space for some creative possibilities amid the chaos. Mercury recently squared Chiron and trined Uranus right before entering Capricorn, which might help us confront old wounds and hangups in a new way (and then settle into a grounded, realistic outlook that’ll allow us to draft a legit plan for moving forward). Let’s not forget that Uranus is in the process of stationing direct right now, which will only magnify the wildcard potential of this moment.

The Sun is sextile Neptune, making us a little softer, more malleable, and receptive to who we encounter. And Venus is also forming a grand trine with Chiron and the North Node, facilitating new (and significant) connections with others as we heal from our old ones. There’s a tender network of healing and growth supporting us through these trials. The big ask is whether we can feel it and lean into it.


Art: @lefawnhawk on IG