Solar Eclipse In Cancer: Potent Light Casts Potent Shadows

Solar Eclipse In Cancer: Potent Light Casts Potent Shadows

Summer’s getting hot. And I mean, like, three-lunations-in-a-row-all-tightly-aspecting-quarrelsome-planets hot.

To recap: two weeks ago, we had a full moon in Capricorn conjunct heavy-handed Saturn. Today, we’re getting a new moon partial solar eclipse in Cancer that’s directly opposite shady Pluto. And two weeks from now, there’s going to be a lunar eclipse in Aquarius exactly conjunct retrograde Mars. And you know — another solar eclipse after that.

This is not gentle energy, but that’s not meant to cast any of this in a negative light — if anything, our lessons, imperatives, and instructions for change will come at us at an exhilarating pace over the next few weeks, and so will the opportunities to change what we don’t like about our lives. Even long-awaited, welcome developments can feel stressful when they finally land on your doorstep. Even a crisis can catalyze the huge new thing you’re headed towards.

The thing about oppositions — and about the sun at this time of peak light in the northern hemisphere — is that potent light casts potent shadows. Oppositions are often a case of two polarities in conversation with one another. At 20 degrees Cancer, this solar eclipse is directly opposite Pluto, which is a type of potent shadow in and of itself. Eclipses can be harbingers of dramatic revelation, and this event may illuminate things for miles beyond what we normally see.

What’s that shadowy elephant graveyard in the distance? It’s a confrontation with your own mortality, or the forces of decay counterbalancing themselves with the forces of vitality and life (aka the sun). Perhaps it’s another person who’s assuming the role of Pluto in your unfolding drama. If there’s a domineering or manipulative person in your midst, consider how their influence might be hastening your sense of urgency to make some necessary changes in your life, especially if it’s in the name of boundaries, protection and self-care.

This solar eclipse is technically a partial one because only a sliver of the sun’s light will be occulted, and because it’s occurring a little too far from the moon’s nodes to count as a full eclipse. But even a watered-down eclipse is a pretty charged event, and this new moon also serves as the very first installment of the Cancer/Capricorn series of eclipses that will continue through 2020.

With the North Node soon moving into Cancer, our “north star” (so to speak) will involve moving in the direction of greater sensitivity and care — both of ourselves and of each other. As this is a North Node eclipse and the very first of the series, we might very well get a sense of how we’re supposed to move forward over the next couple of years.

Beyond that, what could be more fertile than a new moon in its own home sign? This is as fine an occasion as any to hit the reset button, especially as it relates to your home, your past, your family, your boundaries, your self-care, or even your mom — or any mom-like (or significant feminine) figures in your world.

If you’re feeling a little adrift in the midst of all this change, this week’s grand earth trine between Venus, Saturn, and Uranus is a stabilizing blessing and should help anchor us a bit in the “here and now.” When in doubt, unplug from your devices for a bit and opt for some IRL face-to-face time with people you feel good around. True inner peace was never really about eliminating external stressors from your life. It’s about learning how to breathe and commit to the moment when you’re hurtling through the vortex at a million miles per hour.

Art: @seagemsoz

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