Solar Eclipse in Aquarius: Instructions for Change

Solar Eclipse in Aquarius: Instructions for Change

How swift or how gently has your world been rocking? That little window of time between the eclipses is often dense with meaning and revelations, and with a very cerebral solar eclipse upon us, the “aha” moment of this eclipse season is ever within our grasp.

A solar eclipse is essentially a superpowered new moon, and this giant cosmic reset is happening in a sign that’s already very geared toward the future, as well as innovating on the things we already have in place.

Aquarius is the sign of democracy, revolution, technology, and community. While it wouldn’t be surprising to see another big uptick in activism in the weeks that follow this eclipse, we might also simply be turning a new leaf in relation to the people we associate with — especially online. As humans, our need for community is almost as vital as shelter and food, but as we all know, the search for the right chosen family can be an ongoing process. Sometimes, your scene will serve you beautifully for a couple years, only to eventually feel like something you’ve outgrown. Given that we’re looking at more of a renewal than an ending, however, it seems more likely that we’ll be entering a phase of discovery — one in which we serendipitously expand our network.

All signs for this eclipse point to “mental breakthrough.” Aquarius is a cerebral, innovative sign, so we might receive our instructions for change through some sort of download or sudden insight. This eclipse is closely conjunct Mercury in Aquarius — the zippy, mental messenger planet operating in an information-driven air sign — which is sextile Uranus, a helpful aspect in what’s already a Uranus-ruled eclipse. Keep in mind that Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury. It’s higher intelligence communicating to everyday intelligence. This is a lightbulb moment if there ever was one.

You can bet that some sort of news or intelligence will come to light at this moment — perhaps a scientific or technological breakthrough in the world at large, since Aquarius rules both of those things. Or maybe a piece of information that makes its way to us in our personal lives that upends our way of thinking about things, or presents another perspective or option that we hadn’t previously considered. Aquarius is all about breaking us out of our needlessly binary way of thinking about things: it’s either this way, or it’s that, it’s black, or it’s white, you’re either with me, or against me, you’re either feminine, or you’re masculine. Aquarius says: well, hey, what about these sixteen other possibilities?

The eclipse is also loosely square Jupiter in Scorpio, perhaps prompting more revelations of power abuses and misconduct. We might be called to reevaluate where we stand in relation to our activism around this topic. On a personal level, the square to Jupiter could prompt some sort of harsh awakening that’s culled from the crucible of your own shadow work or psychological awakening.

Venus also sextiles Saturn on the same day, an aspect that often involves conversations or communication of some kind. With both of these planets currently at peak strength in their respective signs of Pisces and Capricorn, we might see serious and productive relationship talks at this time, perhaps involving definitions or commitment, or even redefining our boundaries with other people. This is not something Venus in Pisces normally does very well — Pisces is the sign of no boundaries at all, and Saturn in Capricorn is perhaps a little too rigid with the walls it erects. This combination seems to involve the erection of healthy, porous boundaries that can breathe without inviting in infection — more like skin than a wall.

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