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transit reports








Starting at $4.99/mo

Sign up for automated email reports that keep you up-to-date on all of your personal transits. For the uninitiated, it’s like a hyper-detailed horoscope that’s specific to your birth time and location. Subscribe here.


astrology sources








$10 each

Okay, so you’re conscientious enough not to slide into your favorite astrologer’s DMs looking for free interpretations (good on you, really!). But you’ve been dutifully researching how next week’s full moon is going to fuck your shit up, and it’s still not really coming together for you. Sometimes it’s easier to just throw a few dollars at a pro in exchange for a clear, simple answer. $10 will get you a short, sweet paragraph’s worth of intel. Send me your question here.


single question readings








$35 each

Will you get the job? Will you hear back from your ex? If you have a simple, straight-forward question on your mind that can be answered with a “yes” or a “no,” there’s an ancient technique we can use called horary astrology that is ideal for these situations. Book an email reading here.


astrology houses









This is something kind of new and different that I’m trying out. Basically, this reading will give you a blueprint for making each of your 12 houses happy, both from the standpoint of the planets in that house and from the standpoint of the house ruler and its condition. In a general sense, this will give you a clear plan for making your chart sing for you, but the applications for this are virtually endless. I can create an aesthetic blueprint for you (ranging from personal style to your home décor), a map of how to approach the various kinds of relationships in your life (ranging from your coworkers to your dad), a personalized weekly routine to help you live according to the flow of your chart, and more. If you just want a general breakdown (nothing specialized or fancy), that’s great too. Book an email reading here.


natal chart reading








$90 for 45 minutes

Take a deep dive into your birth chart and get to know yourself like whoa. I’ll provide a thorough, comprehensive treatment of your chart that you can’t get by running your birth data through a free report generator, highlighting the most striking things about your natal potential and helping you make friends with your hangups. Available by phone or email, or in person if you’re in New York City. Book a reading here.


birthday reading








$60 for 30 minutes; $120 for an hour

Happy solar return, as astrologers say! Birthdays are a special time to get a reading because when the Sun returns to where it was at the time of your birth, it provides lots of rich clues for how the year ahead will unfold. We can discuss your solar return chart in 30 minutes; if you’d like to also add in major transits and progressions for the year ahead, book an hour! Available by phone or email, or in person if you’re in New York City. Book a reading here.


astrology reading








$60 for 30 minutes; $120 for an hour

If you’re: looking for clarity around a specific situation, weathering a complicated patch in your life, or are looking for a tailor-made astrological consultation specific to your current needs, I can most likely accommodate you! Available by phone or email, or in person if you’re in New York City. Book a reading here.


astrology course








$49/mo for 4 months

The Daily Hunch is now offering a comprehensive online beginner’s course in astrology. The next round will be open: TBD! Click here for more details.


events and collaborations








I’m open to reading at your event, collaborating on social media, or helping you add some astro-swag to your new product. Let’s get talking.