New Moon in Virgo: In Order, The Divine

New Moon in Virgo: In Order, The Divine

When diligence is your pitfall, there’s nothing like a New Moon in Virgo for an intentional reset, calibrated to the tune of “getting your ass back into shape.”

Virgo sees where you’ve been cutting corners, and it’s shaking its damn head. There’s a time for winging it, but this is more of a time for understanding how things are done. For those of us currently with a sloppy, half-baked mess on our hands, tonight’s New Moon is as good an occasion as any to scrap the whole thing and commit to starting anew.

Regardless of what you choose to set in motion around this time, craft it as though the most finicky person you know is appraising your efforts. You’ll be graded on thoroughness, attention to detail, and overall quality — not to mention consistency.

Consistency is sort of Virgo’s bag. There’s not a whole lot in this world that comes without a consistent, repeated effort: there are no overnight six packs, movie-montage mastery sessions, or instant cures for the deep work of self-improvement. You can’t keep a plant alive by watering it once, and like the crops that are ready for harvest at this time of year, you only reap what you sow — and then tend and cultivate on a daily basis.

This is more or less why Virgo is often associated with the daily routines, health regimens, and little chores that bring order and structure to our lived experience. Even monks who withdraw completely from society in order to fully realize their spiritual potential live a highly ordered (and often ascetic) existence. This is basically the Virgo/Pisces axis in practice: the divine doesn’t negate order. They’re merely two sides of the same coin.

For the rest of us yokels, this New Moon — which is a conjunction of the Sun and the Moon — arrives as the Sun already has one foot out the door. At 27 degrees Virgo, this is an opportunity to start anew in this area of our charts, despite the fact that we’ve had all month to get the message. Venus, Mars, and Mercury still have some time to drive the Virgo point home to us, but as of Friday, we’ll be firmly in Libra Season.

With Jupiter on the verge of opposing Uranus, which is resting in an uncomfortable, exact quincunx with the New Moon, sticking with the plan might prove especially difficult. But sometimes, all it takes is a little chaos to prove how powerful we can be in the expression of our will.

Art: Kiki Kogelnik

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