New Moon In Virgo: A Hermetic Seal

New Moon In Virgo: A Hermetic Seal

If you do nothing else today, make it your aim to totally quiet the noise of external distraction for at least a good, solid hour.

This is easier said than done for many of us, but today’s new moon in Virgo comes bearing many gifts — namely a potent opportunity to go within and access a certain level of mental purity that can help us confront many of the lies, delusions, paranoias, and fears that keep us spinning in circles.

The word “hermetic” has two definitions, according to the dictionary. One refers to the “ancient occult tradition encompassing alchemy, astrology, and theosophy.” The other refers to a “complete and airtight” seal or closure. “Hermetic” comes from “Hermes,” the name of the alleged author of the texts central to hermeticism and also the name of the Greek god Hermes, who is widely considered to be the corollary of the Roman god Mercury. Virgo is a Mercury-ruled sign, and it’s also associated with The Hermit in the tarot.

All of this is just a very long-winded way of saying that Virgo energy is HERMetic energy, and that we create a sort of airtight mental seal or enclosure of our own when we withdraw from the world (like a hermit) to actually hear ourselves think. A new moon is always an occasion for introspection anyway, but if you had to really make one of them count, you might as well do it when it’s taking place in the sign of clear-thinking Virgo.

Of course, “clear-thinking” isn’t the entire story here. This new moon is opposite Neptune, which brings plenty of clouds and static into the picture. But thanks to some helpful assists from Jupiter and Pluto (the moon, Jupiter, Pluto, and Neptune are all essentially connected in a chain by sextile), we have a real opportunity to access an essential form of truth or knowledge (Jupiter in Scorpio), as well as tap into a certain degree of personal power and authority (Pluto in Capricorn) that our Neptune in Pisces issues keep tempting us to surrender.

This new moon is ruled by Mercury, which is still in cahoots with Saturn and Uranus at the time of the new moon. This grand earth trine brings the eagle-eyed editor abilities of Mercury in Virgo in harmonious alignment with Saturn (newly direct in the sign of the elevated hustle) and Uranus (which is shaking up a lot of things we assumed were fixed in place). This is a highly effective and productive alignment for a) changing up old, stale energy in your life, b) being discerning enough to accurately identify what that is and c) keeping what’s actually working for you and forming a sensible long-term strategy that’ll take you even farther up that mountain peak (think: controlled demolition).

The Neptune opposition is, of course, complicating what would otherwise be a crispy, crystal-clear roadmap for progress. The HD-definition sunlight of Virgo is partially occulted by the hazy mist of Neptune in Pisces, which means we might be dealing with a slightly romanticized version of the truth right now. There’s nothing wrong with letting the buoyant tide of idealism launch a vision for you. Just make sure you build in enough wiggle room for a little bit of bubble-bursting down the road.

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