New Moon in Taurus: Material World

New Moon in Taurus: Material World

What a time to be alive — and in a material world, no less?

Any new moon that goes down in an earth sign is necessarily going to be concerned with physical reality and tangible results, but as we all know, Taurus is especially familiar with the material realm, because it describes our experience of reality through the five senses.

This new moon, which occurs at 6 degrees Taurus, not only signals a new beginning surrounding themes of value, comfort, possessions, luxury, money, worth, and quality, but it’s also quite literally a juiced-up manifestation portal. The moon is exalted in Taurus, which means it habitually pulls off its most brilliant, standing-ovation-worthy performances when it’s in this sign. With the moon operating at peak capacity, and the ruler of the new moon, Venus, also in the sign of its exaltation, we’re rolling deep with some pretty powerful players this time around.

If you’re at a loss around intention-setting and all the standard money stuff rings hollow to you, ask yourself whether the word “belonging” means anything to you. When you go beyond the paychecks and the flashy things, the Taurus archetype is not merely associated with how we relate to our belongings, but the extent to which we actually belong — to the Earth; to the sphere we inhabit; to the figurative Eden; to the “promised land,” whatever that happens to mean to you. We’re all forever dealing with impostor syndrome and deeply embedded beliefs around what we deserve — and where we feel we implicitly “fit in.” But anyone can crash a red carpet event if they enter the scene with enough confidence and swagger.

This sensuous new moon is not closely aspected by any other planets, and, for the most part, it wants you to accept the simplicity of its message.

It’s worth noting that this new moon occurs with Venus, its ruler, hanging out at 29 degrees Pisces. Whenever a planet is at the last degree of any sign — otherwise known as the anaretic degree — its impact is always pronounced; almost as though it’s throwing a final rager before it moves into a new apartment.

The moon also forms a loose sextile with Neptune in Pisces, allowing us to more easily communicate our visions to the collective web of consciousness where every tangible manifestation begins as an impulse or a thought-form.

It also sits in loose aspect with the nodes, which are stationed at 0 degrees Virgo and Pisces. What this means is that the nodes, which generally travel backward through the zodiac, are about to enter the Leo/Aquarius polarity, setting the stage for the eclipses this August. Lunar nodes — or the two points where the moon crosses the ecliptic — signal eclipses when there’s a new or full moon happening near them. The South Node represents familiar territory, or where we’ve been in previous lifetimes (if you’re into that sort of thing), and the North Node represents where we’re headed, or the particular type of discomfort we should lean into if we’re really serious about evolving. They spend about a year and a half in each sign, weaving a narrative between the cluster of eclipses that occur in that timeframe. This will be a topic for another post later this summer, but for now, the homework for this new moon will be to integrate whatever we learned while the North Node was in Virgo, prompting us to collectively get our shit together and see the world through a more discerning lens — not to mention take the health of our bodies (and the environment) more seriously.

Regardless of where you are with that, taking your Taurus meds (read: nourishing your senses and connecting with nature) is surely one way to satisfy this assignment. Prioritizing pleasure — or even taking a much-needed time out — is the power move du jour.

Art: Lee Tribe

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