New Moon in Scorpio

New Moon in Scorpio

Is it witching hour yet? Sunday’s new moon in Scorpio seems to think so, and it’s perfectly in its element when it’s riding the coattails of Samhain and Halloween.

Like any new moon, this lunation is packed with potential for new beginnings and planting seeds. Then again, this is Scorpio we’re talking about: the sign of death and rebirth and the sultry phoenix. Perhaps this new moon in particular is asking us to let go of something as a means of starting over — to let something in our lives die so that something better can take its place.

After all, this is harvest season we’re talking about. You can’t just plant crops in November and expect them to flourish over the winter. You have to clear out all the dead growth from the previous season’s harvest first. In tilling the soil, you allow oxygen to penetrate the deepest layers and create the conditions for new growth.

With our powers of perception running high, there’s no better time to dig deep and expose all the stuff at the bottom, allowing the daylight to defang and declaw some of our darker impulses and insecurities. This is an especially good time to take some sort of action around any areas that strip you of agency and power. Self-destructive behavior, addictions, debts, and psychological baggage are certainly implied here. Remember: bondage is a-okay in Scorpio’s book, but only if it’s the sexy kind.

This is all going down at 7 degrees Scorpio, making it an especially potent time for anyone with personal planets within a couple degrees of 7 in any of the fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

Saturday’s Venus/Saturn conjunction will also add some complexity to the picture, encouraging us to see our love and money stuff for what it really is. This is not what you would consider a fun alignment, but it’s certainly a helpful one, particularly if it’s time for you to take some responsibility for yourself in any of these areas. This is also great for making commitments — whether to a significant other, to a savings plan, or to self-love and care.

The new moon also sits closely with Mercury in Scorpio at 9 degrees, which will be making an exact trine to Neptune in Pisces early on Sunday morning. What could be a more appropriate ally for highly perceptive Mercury in Scorpio than Neptune in Pisces, which is intuition multiplied by all the feels? This alignment suggests we’ll see and feel it all, and we’ll be assisted by a dose of compassion from Neptune that might soften the edges of Scorpio’s sometimes ugly truths. On the flip side, Neptune can bring anxiety into the equation, but this is a helpful aspect we’re looking at — one that will more than likely help us with that crucial puzzle piece we like to call “forgiveness.”

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