New Moon in Scorpio: The Sublimation of Fear

New Moon in Scorpio: The Sublimation of Fear

We may be at the tail end of Scorpio month, but in the long-game sense, the season of the scorpion is just beginning. Jupiter entered Scorpio in early October, and as far as he’s concerned, we’re just getting warmed up. Weinstein was the domino that set the toppling effect into motion, and we’ve got an entire year left to see what Jupiter (the great moral magnifying glass) will reveal in the domain of Scorpio (sex, abuse, power, manipulation).

You could look at the New Moon in Scorpio as the official launch date for this year’s Great Scorpio Initiative.

Whether or not that’s necessarily the case, new moons are always packed with potential for new beginnings and planting seeds. Then again, this is Scorpio we’re talking about: the sign of death and rebirth and the sultry phoenix. Letting go is also a means of starting over — of letting something in our lives die so that something better can take its place.

Scorpio is where the sordid misdeeds of society — and especially those in power — are revealed. Scorpio has no interest in taking prisoners, but it also comes bearing gifts. For one: the power of perception. For another: an opportunity to dig deep and expose all the stuff at the bottom, allowing the daylight to defang and declaw some of our darker impulses and insecurities. This is an especially good time to take some sort of action around any areas that strip you of agency and power. Self-destructive behavior, addictions, debts, and psychological baggage are certainly implied here. Remember: bondage is a-okay in Scorpio’s book, but only if it’s the sexy kind.

At 26 degrees Scorpio, this new moon is also square the August 21 eclipse point in Leo. If things in your life started shifting or shaking loose around that time, expect a confrontation, activation, crisis, or plot-thickening of some kind.

Venus in Scorpio also perfected a trine to Neptune on Thursday, setting the stage for this new moon with a mood of gentle compassion and imagination. This is an aspect of “feeling the magic” with others, and in two watery, emo, intuitive signs, no less.

Mars, traditional ruler of Scorpio, is also pretty busy this weekend. Mercury and Mars form a sextile on Friday, and Mars faces off with Pluto (modern ruler of Scorpio) on Sunday.

This helpful combo of Mercury and Mars makes us more vocal and assertive when we’re speaking our piece, taking the best of Mercury in Sag’s blunt honesty and Mars in Libra’s ability to wage war with fairness and diplomacy.

Mars square Pluto is an edgy and volatile combo, however, especially when it’s happening in commanding, change-driven cardinal signs. Both Mars and Pluto carry a violent potential. Mars is more hand-to-hand combat. Pluto is more “weapons of mass destruction.” Is “war” imminent? That depends. Perhaps we can minimize the destructive, bull-in-a-china-shop potential of this aspect by adopting the brave, direct, assertive armor of Mars in order to proactively confront the shadowy, Plutonian happenings within and around us. Pluto represents the underworld, which is basically just whatever we’d rather not own up to or talk about.

You know what else is Scorpio as fuck? Sublimating your fear. Often, working up the nerve to peel back the veil and look at things squarely in the eye is enough to lessen their power over you. It’s the same exact concept behind exposure therapy for phobias. If you find yourself bracing for the impact of whatever’s ahead, remember to actually look — and then begin to walk towards it.

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