New Moon In Sagittarius + Mercury Direct: Get Hyped For What’s Ahead

New Moon In Sagittarius + Mercury Direct: Get Hyped For What’s Ahead

Jupiter entering Sagittarius was exciting or whatever, but maybe this is the real turning point from where it all gets “bigger and better.”

Remember that Jupiter’s blessings hold promise, but they’re never promised. And with Mercury stealing just a little bit of Jupe’s thunder by going retrograde in the same sign right after its big debut, it seems as though for many of us, there was a Mercury Retrograde weed thicket to find our way out of before we could really get started on whatever this Sagittarius growth spurt has in store for us.

And what better occasion than a new moon for a reset? This one is close enough to Jupiter to help set it on its way, and it’s occurring at the same time as a healing (if not glitchy) direct station for Mercury. That’s quite a reversal from last year’s Sagittarius New Moon, which sat with Saturn in the final degrees of Sag just before it moved into Capricorn.

Okay, so what do new moons and planets stationing direct have in common? They’re not a green light per se, but more of a “red light juusstt about to turn green again.” Things are usually too new and subjective during a new moon to materialize, and planets stationing in any direction bring everything to a standstill. But Sagittarius is a visionary, and even when it’s momentarily paused to collect its thoughts, it’s still getting hyped for whatever’s on that distant horizon.

Things are sort of complicated by the Mars/Neptune conjunction, which is square the new moon. Mars can aggravate Neptune’s delusions, and Neptune can wash out Mars’ momentum and spark. We might have to wrestle with a lack of energy and/or a supersized serving of our usual fears and paranoias while we’re waiting to get this show on the road, both of which can deplete our motivation to pursue our goals.

However, this Mercury direct action is looking pretty cool in the context of a grand water trine between Mercury, Chiron and the North Node. Mercury had to go back into Scorpio to dig up some missing information, but it didn’t have to go too far to get to the bottom of things. And with Mercury and Chiron linking arms as they both station direct together, there might be a lot of healing conversations taking place this week — even if it’s just between you and your journal.

Tl;dr: talk about your feelings, don’t buy too much into any temporary sensations of inertia or paralysis, and begin to get excited for what’s ahead because you can already see it in your mind’s eye. It’s all closer than you probably think.


Art: @liquid_pink (IG)