New Moon in Sagittarius: A Moment of Renewal at the End of an Era

New Moon in Sagittarius: A Moment of Renewal at the End of an Era

It’s the end of an era, babes, but there’s a moment of renewal headed for us at the 11th hour and the 50th minute.

One day before Saturn ends its 3-year journey through the sign of Sagittarius, a new moon lighting up those same late degrees of Sag offers a sense of “where we go from here.”

Saturn has permanently restructured this area of our charts, and if we did the homework we were assigned over the last couple of years, we’ll now be dealing with a Sagittarian component of our lives that’s matured and crystallized under Saturn’s exacting pressure. How does the adult version of this component walk, talk, and act? This new moon provides an opportunity to formulate a vision.

At 26 degrees Sagittarius, the new moon is conjunct Saturn at the final degree of Sag, and it’s also trine Uranus in Aries.

The Saturn/Uranus trine was one of the defining aspects of 2017, and it created an environment that supported incremental change, or a stable revolution that didn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, per se, but rather held on to all the traditional bits that were worth keeping. This trine is just about out of orb now, but the new moon sits squarely in the middle, drawing on this dynamic as we fill in the missing details of the new vision that wants to emerge as the final product of all this progress.

Keep in mind that Sagittarius is the ultimate visionary of the zodiac. It’s the sign of optimism, broad-strokes thinking, and enthusiasm for whatever’s ahead on that distant horizon.

It’s also worth mentioning that the new moon and the Sagittarian archetype have a good deal in common.
Neither is interested in rules and limitations, which is perhaps why Saturn’s influence was needed for some time here. The sky’s the limit with both of these characters, because sometimes, the vision is more important than the steps required to make it real.

Also, they’re both visionaries. The new moon is a time of total subjectivity: of journaling and intentions and waking dreams. Sagittarius is motivated by big-picture ideas, possibilities, and a sense of optimism that everything’s going to work out fine — even when we’re flying by the seat of our pants or running on fumes.

It’s fair to say that Saturn’s influence in this sign describes the compression of hope so many of us have felt over the last couple of years. What will a renewed sense of faith look like now that we’ve thoroughly came back down to Earth in this regard? Given the beneficial interplay of realistic Saturn and screw-all-the-rules Uranus, we’re probably looking at a spirit of resilience that understands what it’s working with, but knows better than to feel completely limited by its circumstances.

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