New Moon In Pisces: Get In, Loser, We’re Going Crying

New Moon In Pisces: Get In, Loser, We’re Going Crying

Get in loser, we’re going crying.

It’s true: I got that from a Drake meme, and Drake is a noted Scorpio. But when the new moon in fellow water sign Pisces hits the raw nerve that is Chiron and butts heads with Mars, all while receiving a synergetic boost from Jupiter in Scorpio, you know the glove fits.

The new moon is a deeply subjective occasion as it is, and when la luna goes dark in the energetic soup that is Pisces, it’s almost as though we’re dunking our heads below the surface of objective awareness. We’re not just marinating in these waters. We’re letting the myriad impressions, feelings, and memories within renew us completely.

At 26 degrees Pisces, the new moon is closely conjunct Chiron, which is another way of saying that we’re not merely snorkeling our way around the reef. We’re probing the Mariana Trench, or at best, getting zapped by jellyfish as we touch the third rail of our emotions. Chiron represents our deepest wounds — the kind that might take an entire lifetime to heal. But as Leonard Cohen rightly said: “there is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

There’s also feisty Mars to contend with, who’s poised at the anaretic degree of Sagittarius in a tense square aspect with the new moon. We might feel especially prone to lashing out and picking fights, or just fighting with ourselves as we pick at our scabs. But as Mars hangs out at this very “extra” degree of Sag, just hours before it finally moves into Capricorn for the next couple months, we’ll feel an increased urgency to scrape ourselves up in pursuit of the truth. Throwing Mars into the picture this way suggests we’re not driving this submarine gently. Indeed, we might be navigating the waters a little more recklessly than usual. But this aggressive confrontation with the truth might be what’s needed to finally catch the elusive knowledge we’ve been after.

All in all, this new moon could bring you face-to-face with some of your most difficult traumas, memories, and hurts, but there’s a gift wrapped in this package of discomfort. It’s an opportunity for renewal; a possibility of healing just a little bit more.

With the moon trine Jupiter in Scorpio, which just turned retrograde, we’re essentially being granted a cosmic emotional support dog who’s been trained to venture into deep, dark territory. We still have to do the heavy lifting, but Jupiter in Scorpio is ultimately about the growth we accomplish when we work through the stuff we’d rather not have to look at. The supportive dynamic at play suggests we’ll benefit from doing so.

Ultimately, Pisces is all about allowing things in. Even if it hurts, and especially if it’s crying for acceptance.

Custom art by: Mary Warner

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