New Moon in Libra

New Moon in Libra

Libra season isn’t always about everyone getting along in snappy shoes and flattering lighting. Justice and equality have heavy repercussions sometimes, especially when they’re forced to assert themselves in an equation that’s way out of balance. But today, at least, we’re working with a blank slate that’s giving us all permission to enjoy the sweetness of this promise — and then project this mood onto our personal and collective intentions.

This new moon doesn’t just serve as a de facto jumping off point for all that good relationship stuff. It’s also sitting with Jupiter in Libra, which is just getting started with its year of gifts related to harmony, peace, compromise, and diplomacy. Jupiter is pretty much a giant, lucky magnifying glass that’s amplifying the new moon’s potential, so you won’t want to waste this opportunity to plant seeds and make the ask.

Conversely, the new moon acts as an unofficial launch party for Jupiter’s 13-month stay in Libra. We’ve already seen some glimmers of peacemaking going down since Jupiter’s ingress into Libra on September 9 (most notably a peace deal that ended a 52-year-long conflict in Colombia), but that was just the warm-up period.

Adding to the dreamy, romantic vibe of this new moon is a near-exact trine between Venus and Neptune, which casts a seductive glow over our encounters and puts us all in the mood to get swept off our feet a little. Neptune allows us to dream up the perfect lover, job, adventure, or lifestyle. Venus lets us reel it in.

What could be more appropriate for a Friday, the day of Venus and love?

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