New Moon in Libra: Agitating the Scales of Compromise

New Moon in Libra: Agitating the Scales of Compromise

Ah, the New Moon in Libra: a time when the Sun and the Moon are both in accord with maintaining the peace and keeping it pretty, amirite?

Maybe not so much this time. Thursday’s New Moon is sitting in an almost perfect opposition with Uranus in Aries, which promises to agitate the scales of compromise and create a restless, “what about my needs” imperative during this very relationship-oriented reset.

Generally speaking, the New Moon in Libra provides an opportunity for us to “start fresh” in the areas of partnership, diplomacy, and moderation in general, but this is, counterintuitively, something that needs to happen on our own individual terms. New Moons call on us to lead the way with our intuition and subjective sense of knowing, because when there’s no light outside to guide us, we have to “go within” to discover the way.

When agitator Uranus gets involved and disrupts the process of introspection with all that outside interference, we’re going to have to concentrate twice as hard on what our inner truth is trying to tell us about the state of “give and take” in our lives. Because it’s an opposition, wild-card Uranus might take the form of another person who is acting out — perhaps a little selfishly, a little weirdly, and a little unpredictably.

With all of that said, the key with any opposition is to balance and integrate the opposing energies. In this particular case, it might involve merely acknowledging that this other person is a reflection of who we are — of a rebellious side of us that we’ve perhaps disowned and forgotten.

That’s because the deep truth of the Libra archetype is: all the world’s a mirror. Our experience of The Other is the experience of consciousness coming into contact with itself. “We do not see things as they are; we see things as we are,” goes the saying. We’re basically only ever projecting things onto everyone else, and everyone else is projecting back onto us. This hall of mirrors can twist, distort, and stretch the truth, but no one can deny that it’s fun to look at. Why else would Libras be stereotyped as vain?

At 26 degrees Libra, the New Moon also forms a sextile to Saturn, which is sitting in a grand fire trine with Uranus and the North Node. We’re building a foundation at the same time as we’re introducing a major pattern-interrupt in our lives, and it’s all going according to the larger plan.

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