New Moon In Libra 2018: A Correction Is Needed

New Moon In Libra 2018: A Correction Is Needed

Libra season isn’t always about everyone getting along in snappy shoes and flattering lighting. Justice and equality have heavy repercussions sometimes, especially when they’re forced to assert themselves in an equation that’s way out of balance.

Tonight’s Libra New Moon answers to a Venus who is over being civil, who is noticing where she’s been wronged or shorted, who is keeping score, and who is ready to retaliate if and when the situation calls for it. This new moon is more or less the official launch date of Venus Retrograde, and it begins with a judgement call: let’s weigh our current circumstances on the scales of justice and determine where a correction is needed. There’s a reason, after all, why Saturn is exalted in Libra. It does its best work when it’s meting out justice and karma according to what is deserved.

Obviously, this is a not-so-thinly veiled reference to the Supreme Court debacle and the potent rage of sexual assault survivors all around the world. But this dynamic likely rings true for a lot of people on an individual level too – particularly those of us with personal planets or points around 15 degrees Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

Generally speaking, a New Moon in Libra provides an opportunity for us to start fresh in the areas of partnership, diplomacy, and moderation. But this moon is also squaring off with Pluto, and there’s nothing altogether “moderate” about that dynamic. A square is a confrontation that forces our hand, and in this case, there’s no way to merely smooth over or ignore all the shady shit that does its best to not get talked about. This is no utilitarian peace treaty made in spite of one’s history of war crimes. Our assessment of fairness and “right action” at this time will need to take the whole truth into account.

The moon is also inconjunct Neptune, suggesting that our vision of utopia might feel frustratingly out of reach as we bargain with the chips we’ve been allotted. It’s about doing your best to “make things right” within the limited range of your circumstances, but knowing full well that it really didn’t have to be like this.

Still, moving forward is the best medicine that’s available to us, and today also happens to be the day that Mars fully exits its retrograde shadow, renewed and recharged and ready for battle. We might have to get off our butts to restore our sense of equilibrium right now, but luckily, the momentum to do so is readily available to us.