New Moon In Gemini: When You Feel It, But You’re Adaptable, Too

New Moon In Gemini: When You Feel It, But You’re Adaptable, Too

Any given new moon in Gemini is bound to operate as a catalyst of curiosity, presenting us with a certain amount of variety and choice. And among these options, we might find an opening of some kind — a way out of the mental universe that we’d arbitrarily confined ourselves to.

Now, “Gemini the archetype” is not emotional in nature. When I think of pure, undifferentiated Gemini, I imagine an extroverted Spock-like persona regaling a room with clever jokes and chatting people up as a means of gathering data about the world. There’s no judgment involved. Everything is purely interesting, and everything is purely interesting on its own terms.

This year, though, the Gemini new moon is looking a bit more sensitive than usual. The new moon is ruled by Mercury, which just entered Cancer yesterday and is square Chiron today. This also means the moon and Mercury are in mutual reception (or in the signs of each other’s rulership), which creates helpful synergy between what we think, what we say, and what we feel.

If you think about this in terms of the human brain, the moon is involved with the lizard/caveman part where all of our least rational (but most instinctive) responses come from, and Mercury is like the cerebral cortex that makes language, thought, and reasoning possible. As most of us surely know, these two functions are not always very compatible. But at this specific moment in time, they might be.

Let’s talk about Mercury though. Mercury in Cancer processes information through a sentimental, emotional filter, and it prefers to communicate in spaces that feel intimate and safe. With the square to Chiron mentioned above, we might be especially prone to taking things personally or getting our feelings hurt, which doubles down on the subjective nature of this experience. Mercury is also making an exact sextile to Uranus today — a highly innovative combination that introduces an alternative viewpoint to the mix. And on top of that, Mercury is applying to an opposition to Saturn, a bummer of an aspect that makes us all too aware of the limitations we’re up against, or the cynical side of whatever equation we’re working with.

I think it’s safe to say that even if we’re currently swallowing a bitter pill of some sort (and coming to terms with the reality of where we’re at), this new moon is trying to remind us that there’s always more than one way of looking at things (and more than one valid emotional response). When in doubt, hash it out (with a close, trusted friend). Among many other things, the Gemini moon is adaptable, and you are, too.

And who knows — the Uranian influence might just yank us out of one emotional groove and into another set of feels. Don’t resist changing your mind (or heart) if you suddenly wake up and you’re over it all.

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Photo: @ladyist