New Moon in Gemini: An Opening (& Some Undifferentiated Sediment)

New Moon in Gemini: An Opening (& Some Undifferentiated Sediment)

Listen up, all ye habitually stuck and ye slaves to the same boring old shit. There’s a Gemini New Moon coming around the bend, and it wants to open your mind to the temptation of all sorts of dazzling new rabbit holes.

As the de facto official start to Gemini Season, this new moon is a catalyst of curiosity and a flame kindler of interest, reminding us that there are always a million other possibilities to consider.

Occurring at 4 degrees Gemini, this will be an especially impactful moment for any of you with personal planets and points in the early degrees of any of the mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

Regardless of how your birth chart is composed, however, and regardless of how you choose to recommit yourself to your “reading list” (whatever that may happen to mean to you), this new moon may weigh in a tad heavier than you’d expect from the light and airy realm of Gemini. That’s because it’s happening concurrently with some challenging aspects involving all of our favorite malefic planets.

Venus squares Pluto on the same day as the new moon, encouraging a feeling of being smothered, controlled, manipulated, or even abused in our interpersonal relationships. Without assuming the worst, this provocative square will certainly bring buried, suppressed emotions into the fold, disrupting the (at times superficial) harmony that Venus so favors.

Mars is also fast approaching its opposition to Saturn, arresting us in a liminal holding space that’s a little too stop/go for the impetuous forward momentum of Mars. This is a yellow traffic light of sorts that might provoke our frustration or aggression and direct it toward the limiting red tape in our lives.

It’s possible that under these conditions, the variety and choice presented by the Gemini New Moon might feel overwhelming and useless — or at the very least, not that helpful. We might be too consumed by these doubts and emotional disruptions to find the opening that’s being presented to us now. If that’s where you find yourself — with a pan and a whole bunch of undifferentiated sediment — keep the flow of information moving until you’re in a position to sift.

Art: Nicholas Hlobo

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