New Moon in Capricorn: Let’s Do This For Real

New Moon in Capricorn: Let’s Do This For Real

It’s not so much that a new moon is a particularly special event — we get one every month. And it’s not so much that a Capricorn new moon is all that rare or special — it happens every year, pretty predictably, between the winter solstice and the third week of January.

But this year’s Capricorn new moon is kind of noteworthy, given how crowded it’s getting in the sign of Capricorn. Since 2008, it’s hosted shady, transformative Pluto. And now, as of very recently, it’s also home base for Saturn, a second slow-moving planet. Also currently in Capricorn: Mercury, Venus, the Sun, and the Moon, with the latter two currently fusing their polarities together in an alchemical marriage we colloquially refer to as a new moon.

When the Sun and the Moon form a conjunction, they temporarily cancel out each other’s externalizing/internalizing tendencies, or their projecting/reflecting functions, or, as some have traditionally described it, their archetypal masculine/feminine polarities. In this non-dualistic moment, there is no light — or “objectivity” — to help us see. It’s completely dark outside, and we’re forced to rely on our own internal sense of direction, or whatever it is we think we know, to make our way.

It’s interesting to think about this in the context of renewal, which is also a trait we normally ascribe to the new moon. Most of us don’t start anything new or make decisions with anyone else’s input. That’s not to say we don’t ask for opinions, or consider someone else’s point of view, or put our own self-interest aside from time to time. But that crucial, decisive moment? The one where you’ve finished weighing your options, and you make up your mind? That’s a private process, and it can only ever be performed within the crucible of your dark, subjective, and very crowded heart. And I say “heart” because the mind is something that frequently analyzes, but isn’t ultimately responsible for DECIDING. We are illogical beasts, by and large.

And so, during this very private, quiet moment we’re having during a time of Peak Capricorn, the new moon sets the stage for all kinds of sober, serious reflection — of coming to our senses and letting the adult within make some choices regarding the year ahead of us.

A Capricorn reset is a “let’s do this for real this time” reset. Anything we unsuccessfully attempted in the past, or anything we’re just setting out to do for the first time, will have the added benefit of Capricorn’s solid-as-hell project management acumen. It’s certainly a time to commit to a new course of action, and it’s very much a time to draft a feasible roadmap to follow.

This year’s Capricorn new moon sits at 26 degrees Capricorn, making itself especially felt for anyone with personal planets in the late degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn (or the very, very early degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius).

The new moon is also conjunct Venus, sextile Mars and square Uranus. In plain English, the Venus in Capricorn influence compels us to act responsibly toward others, or at least with consideration for other people — even as Uranus stirs the pot a little selfishly. If we’re moving forward as a team, or as an individual who is relying on the help and the stature of another, then this would be all the more appropriate. With Mars in Scorpio pumping the gas and encouraging us to make impassioned moves, we’re unlikely to stall on the sidelines — especially with the impatient influence of an aggravated Uranus in Aries, which has been ready for change since yesterday and wants everyone to move forward unencumbered in their own radical weirdness.

More than anything, the overriding message is that anything we do from here should be fully baked as a concept before we begin. This is Capricorn season, after all. But being responsible doesn’t always have to mean “cleaving to external expectations.” Sometimes, the most responsible thing you can do is live your damn truth.

Art: Shui Shi Liu

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