New Moon In Aries/Mercury Direct: The Future Is Unwritten

New Moon In Aries/Mercury Direct: The Future Is Unwritten

Speaking of spring and renewal and all things “Aries,” there’s a good deal of much-less-typical cyclical shift that’s underpinning the great transition that is Spring 2018, and today’s moon seems like a perfectly timed delivery of the new and the unknown.

Here’s some context for you: Chiron is currently poised at the ultimate degree of Pisces, ending its roughly 7 to 8-year stint in this watery territory — and ultimately beginning a brand new cycle through the zodiac — when it enters Aries on Tuesday. Uranus is also ending a 7-year chapter of its journey in about a month, and its concluding somersaults through the final degrees of Aries will likely deliver a few more season finale shockers.

Resetting the switch in the midst of all of this is the Aries new moon, which is closely conjunct Uranus and is coinciding with Mercury’s direct station in the same sign.

In a sense, “new moon, who dis” has never seemed more appropriate. We’ve got a lot of cosmic support for those big, significant changes we’ve been dying to make: the initiating spark of Aries, plus the promise of “things moving forward again soon” via Mercury, plus the Uranian itch to shake yourself loose from that comfortable groove you’ve been in, plus a potent swig of Jupiter sextile Pluto to encourage deep, meaningful transformation that nudges us all toward even greater integrity — this good stuff.

A new moon is a ripe thing indeed, but Aries is essentially a big burst of potential. There isn’t a ton of certainty contained in this Big Bang moment, especially when it happens in the days surrounding a Mercury station, and especially when Uranus gets involved. But it’s definitely conspiring to launch us somewhere.

The main disclaimer to keep in mind is that today, and tomorrow, and probably Tuesday too, are not ideal to begin immediately shooting from the hip (as much as we might want to, given the impulsive and reckless potential of the current astrology). It takes a bit of time for clarity to return after Mercury begins moving direct again, and we won’t be completely out of the retrograde shadow for another two weeks. But the stuck, stalled vibes of the past month will surely begin to subside within a couple of days, and perhaps in ways we didn’t completely see coming.

The other potential complication comes from the new moon’s square to Pluto, which might bring out some ruthless, calculating vibes from us as we endeavor to move our plans forward. It’s entirely possible that we’ll actually need a small dose of this to overcome our present obstacles. You can’t get the job without beating someone else to it, so to speak. The trick is to stay in the lane of your own personal integrity.

If the meaning of all of this isn’t abundantly clear already, see what conclusions you reach when you think of this moment as a giant summation, and a giant “where do we go from here” — one that builds on your Uranus in Aries and recent Mercury Retrograde story. Which of your houses was implicated in these? Where did the sediment shake loose? What was tested, and what was revised? What surprised you the most?

The last time a new or full moon was conjunct Uranus was in October 2016. The fiercely independent battlecry of Aries, combined with the “freedom to be me” impetus of Uranus, surely upset more than a few apple carts. So yeah, we all have to walk our own path. It’s nice when you can find people to walk in tandem with. But where we go from here has everything to do with what this epic individuation process has ultimately matured into.

Art: @liquid_pink

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