New Moon in Aries: TL;DR and Projectile Force

New Moon in Aries: TL;DR and Projectile Force

If last week’s equinox was the official beginning of the astrological new year, then the Aries New Moon is sort of like that first Monday in January where everyone goes back to work, ready to shake off their hangovers and implement their lofty new goals (okay, but like, in theory).

A new moon is a ripe thing indeed, but Aries is essentially an explosion of potential. There isn’t a ton of certainty contained in this Big Bang moment, but there sure as hell is projectile force. Even if you’re someone who deliberates endlessly before making a move, it could be worthwhile to turn your life into a Nike commercial for a day — if for nothing else, then just to see what it’s like to trust your impulses for a change.

This new moon sits at 7 degrees Aries, making it especially impactful for folks with personal planets and points in the earlier degrees of any of the cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

This activity is also going down just a couple degrees away from Retrograde Venus, who is hot off her recent conjunction with the Sun and in her take-no-prisoners Morning Star phase. It makes sense to assume that whatever we’ve figured out about ourselves, or our values, or how we value ourselves over the last few weeks will figure largely into our bold new beginning.

Peripherally, Mercury just made an exact conjunction to Uranus on Sunday, adding a dose of sudden insight or clarity to whatever situation is governed by Aries in our charts.

Naturally, Jupiter and Pluto are both squaring that entire mess too, accentuating the tug-of-war between our desire for partnership and our very real need for independence — plus whatever bottom-up transformation is stirring the pot.

Mars in Taurus also forms an exact sextile to Neptune in Pisces today, which might help to cool the flames of all that rampant Aries business (lest we burn up in the atmosphere before we even land). Mars in Taurus has quite a bit of resolve and staying power, even if it’s in its detriment. When it’s in friendly talks with Neptune in the sign of its dominion, inspiration can be channeled into something tangible and real (especially if it allows us to use our bodies in the process).

That’s more than enough to chew on for a very tl;dr new moon, so go strike while the iron is hot. The stuck, frustrated, or unprocessed bits and pieces of your life will thank you for it.

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Art: Carl D’Alvia