New Moon Eclipse In Pisces: Finish (Then Flip) The Script

New Moon Eclipse In Pisces: Finish (Then Flip) The Script

Typically, when we talk about release, we’re not necessarily implicating fireworks or fanfare — especially when it’s happening on Pisces’ gentle terms.

But Sunday’s solar eclipse contains a blend of flavors that range from subtle to explosive, and the level of intensity it serves us will have everything to do with how loudly we need to hear its message.

A quick eclipse primer before we get into the specifics of Sunday’s astrology: eclipses are times of sudden endings and beginnings that speed up the process of change, particularly when it’s change we’ve been resisting through fear or inertia. You can think of it as one door closing and another one opening. We get one eclipse season every six months or so, which is made up of two eclipses that occur two weeks apart: a full moon (lunar) eclipse and a new moon (solar) eclipse. Eclipses operate much like normal new and full moons do, only amped up to the nth degree. In this sense, Sunday’s eclipse is like a new moon on steroids, and its effects will be relevant until the next series of eclipses occur in August.

In some ways, this new moon eclipse is a followup to the full moon eclipse that occurred earlier this month. Whatever we recognized and confronted around that time is likely already beginning to materialize in our lives as a spring decluttering trip come early. We all know nature abhors a vacuum, and there’s no better way to spend a new moon than to deliberately fill all that space you’ve created for yourself with a more desirable intention.

This event also wraps up a series of eclipses that have been going down on the Pisces/Virgo axis for the past two years. Think back to what was happening in your world around March 2015. Whatever “story” was initiated around that time might receive a final dose of closure this weekend, with turning points that occurred around September 2015, March 2016, and September 2016 serving as the guideposts.

Here’s where things get interesting, though. We’ve got a new moon eclipse (read: sun/moon conjunction) occurring at 8 degrees Pisces. The sun and moon are closely conjunct other-worldly Neptune and the let-it-all-go South Node, but just in case we thought we’d get through this transition ensconced in a cozy cloud of hazy smoke, there’s also a very aggro Mars/Uranus conjunction that’s exact in warrior sign Aries on the same day.

As the alpha and omega of the zodiac, Aries and Pisces couldn’t be more different. Pisces wants to lose itself in a sea of infinity, and Aries wants to emerge from that sea in a bold fit of individuation. With the cluster of planets in Pisces (which includes Mercury, by the way, having newly entered Pisces on Saturday), this episode will be colored by heightened sensitivity (in every sense of the word), empathy, spirituality, and potentially confusion. We could find ourselves experiencing psychic revelations at the same time as circumstances conspire to pull the wool over our eyes. That’s not to say we should doubt the truth we’re awakening to now — just that we should wait for the smoke to clear before assuming we know the entire story.

At the same time, Mars and Uranus are stirring the pot and agitating our sense of urgency, making us way less inclined to sit around waiting for liberation to happen on someone else’s terms. Jupiter, which is sitting in opposition to this feckless pair, will ensure that we go big or go home in our efforts to flip the script and change the rules (which, apart from our current administration, could be a good thing).

What’s the story then? Do we set our egos aside to act on behalf of the greater good, or do we put our own needs unapologetically first? Do we gently release what’s no longer serving us, or do we blow it up with a grenade? If your imagination will allow it, there’s no reason why any of these things need to be mutually exclusive.

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