March Madness: Mercury & Uranus & New Moon Oh Lawd

March Madness: Mercury & Uranus & New Moon Oh Lawd

What do you call it when Mercury stations retrograde, Uranus enters Taurus, and the New Moon in Pisces gets drunk with Neptune all within the same 24-hour period?

In a lot of ways, this a truly “we’re not in Kansas anymore” moment. The placid fields surrounding Dorothy’s home are being stirred up by a tornado that’s going to lift us up, veer off track and plop us into an alternate universe full of mythical creatures who can only speak in allegory (and that can be really frustrating if all you’re trying to do is find your way back home).

Mercury’s long slog through Pisces represents the wider arc of this journey (and unfortunately, we won’t have a clearly demarcated yellow brick road to show us exactly where to go during this time — this is a lot more like swimming through an ocean of impressions, memories and felt instructions).

During its ensuing retrograde, we’ll be retracing some of our steps by revisiting some of the conversations we’ve been having since mid-February, but perhaps this time, it’ll be coming from a slightly different context as we amble about through a weirdly familiar fantasyland.

With Uranus now in Taurus for the next several years, there is some aspect of our story that cannot be fully recovered, because we’ve all, to some degree, had some sort of great awakening in Aries that is now in our rearview mirror. There’s a new bag of surprises waiting to be opened now, and they’ll probably rhyme with the preview we received between May and November of last year.

Interestingly enough, last year’s ingress of Uranus into Taurus also occurred at the same time as a New Moon.

This one just so happens to be conjunct Neptune, which may function much like the curtain or screen used by the Wizard of Oz to “smoke and mirrors” his way into maintaining his illusion. We are entering a new paradigm that may present as its own form of meta-reality as we feel our way through this retrograde, process the sudden jolt of finding ourselves far away from home, and learn to lean a bit more on our own internal compass in order to solve the riddle that’s in front of us now.


Art: @ronmueckart on IG