Lunar Eclipse In Leo: It’s The Final Curtain Call

Lunar Eclipse In Leo: It’s The Final Curtain Call

This may be the last Leo eclipse we’ll be seeing for some time, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to go out quietly. Leo knows a thing or two about theater, and this final curtain call isn’t likely to be one we’ll view with indifference.

Eclipses tend to deliver a signature shock that always feels a little fated. Sure, it’s definitely the case that when things brew beneath the surface for a while, it seems inevitable when the lid finally pops off. It also wouldn’t be totally off-base to think that whatever is illuminated around this time has some sort of stake in guiding us home. “You can’t go home again” is very true about eclipses, but so is “home is where you are.”

And right now, where we are is in the ultimate crux of self-validation. We might be witnessing drama — both within ourselves and from other people — that has to do with not feeling properly seen or witnessed. We might be making choices that have to do with setting ourselves up to shine, perhaps because we’ve realized that we can’t always wait for other people to give us permission.

Though ultimatums can feel like a “thing” during a full moon eclipse in Leo, there are a number of factors that are stacking up right now to make this particular event an especially charged one. For one, it’s a total lunar eclipse, meaning it’s hanging pretty tightly with the nodes. Two, we’ve got a square from Uranus throwing a wrench into our best-laid plans, potentially by inspiring us to try a new approach to the same tired old story. Furthermore, the sky is very noisy right now overall:

Venus has separated from its recent trine to Mars and is now square Neptune and applying to a beatific conjunction to Jupiter. Incredible things are opening up for those of us who are taking chances on new types of experiences and new types of people, but not everyone you happen to encounter in the threshold between “here” and “there” is someone who should be getting the green light from you. We might be over-romanticizing certain things and people at this time, so enjoy this brief love spell and just take it all in stride.

Another planet to watch this weekend is Mercury, which is approaching the South Node and a square to Uranus. What we learn around this time might be shocking, even if it’s already yesterday’s news. It’s almost as though the missing pieces are suddenly turning up behind the couch months or years after we lost interest in the puzzle.

Mars is also perfecting its square to Saturn on the same day as the eclipse, which looks it’s adding considerable resistance to our plans. In the case of Eclipse v. Malefic Gridlock, who will win? Because Mars will technically be separating from Saturn as soon as the square hits exact, and because this eclipse is a potent swill that is ushering in a new six-month timeline of manifestation, it seems that inevitable change will remain inevitable — but the mounting frustration of “things not happening quickly enough,” bureaucratic red tape, and feeling a little cockblocked by the universe will reach a head this weekend. Ironically, this could be the very thing that pushes us to move the needle even further.


Art: @lefawnhawk on IG