Lunar Eclipse in Leo: In The Thick of the Action

Lunar Eclipse in Leo: In The Thick of the Action

It might be redundant, considering the climate we’re in, to suggest we should brace ourselves for major, sudden changes. Most of us have been pretty maxed out with the bracing for some time now.

Without promising too much in terms of what we can expect from this politically, it might be a relief to remind ourselves that eclipses have generally been our long-time friends.

Like a full moon (except cracked out to the nth degree), a lunar eclipse is a time of endings and completion. It’s also a time of confrontation, but mainly with whatever we’ve been ignoring (or attempting to subvert from our awareness). This is truly a “writing on the wall” moment, and the amount of acceptance we arrive with will determine how much magic we’re able to create in the aftermath.

Because eclipses always occur near the nodal axis, they tend to deliver a signature shock that always feels a little fated. Sure, it’s definitely the case that when things brew beneath the surface for a while, it seems inevitable when the lid finally pops off. But it also wouldn’t be totally off-base to think that whatever is illuminated for us around this time has way bigger implications for our overall path in life — or, if you’re into that sort of thing, our destiny.

This lunar eclipse is going down at 22 degrees Leo, adding drama, theatrics, and an unmistakable flair to the picture. The Leo Moon wants to feel noticed and appreciated, and the tension between la luna and the aloof, detached Aquarius Sun will come into sharp relief at this time. All full moons (and lunar eclipses) involve a polarity, and by extension, a relationship of some kind. This relationship need not necessarily involve two people, although it could. In the broadest, most general sense, the Leo/Aquarius axis is really all about “I” versus the team; monarchy versus democracy; creative expression versus cerebral invention; and being a ringleader versus being an observant outsider (or rather: in the thick of the action versus the fringes). To go back to the beginning of this paragraph, it could also certainly be about demonstrative affection versus emotional unavailability.

This eclipse is also being supported by a whole bunch of helpful planetary aspects. How nice! The Sun makes an exact sextile to Uranus on the 9th, and Saturn and Jupiter are also sitting in either sextile or trine to the players involved (like a symmetrical six-pointed star, but without the sixth point). This cooperative alignment suggests we’ll get the best of Uranian reinvention, Saturnian realism, and Jupiterian serendipity mixed in with our lunar eclipse package. And! To top it off, Mercury sextile Venus is also exact that day, bringing us lots of helpful communication (and maybe a dose of clarity) with our acquaintances and lovers.

The thing to keep in mind here is that the shadow being cast on the face of the moon is coming from the Earth, or from where we’re sitting. In astrological terms, this means we’re metaphysically staring at our own shadow — all that subconscious dreck we thought was hiding under the rug. Not everything you discover around this time will necessarily be pleasant. A lot of it will drain you energetically. But the relief and renewal you experience when you make your move (and cut your losses) will be majorly worth it.

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