Lunar Eclipse in Leo: Done and Over It

Lunar Eclipse in Leo: Done and Over It
Try telling Leo to not be extra on a normal day. Now try telling Leo to be a little more subdued when a lunar eclipse is casting its weird, orange glow all over center stage.
Keep in mind that lunar eclipses tend to involve emotional release, because they’re basically just souped-up full moons with a heavy dose of “this was bound to happen eventually.” Things are spilling over and reaching a boiling point — or possibly even a breaking point. You’ll know it’s here when you’re “so completely done” with something (or possibly someone).
With all of this happening in the sign of Leo, this emotionally charged event with be especially dramatic and ego-driven. Think: Aretha Franklin talking about R-E-S-P-E-C-T, people everywhere dressing each other down, and maybe a few ultimatums while we’re at it. Leo is a fixed sign, after all, so expect people to dig in their heels around this time.
What’s at the core of this grievance? Well, the surest way to upset a Leo is make them feel unappreciated or invisible. If you haven’t been getting praised like you should, then maybe you’ll be feeling this extra hard.
Also serving up some eyebrow-raising eclipse drama: Venus on the south node. The south node is the “been there, done that” X on the universal map, and with Venus here, expect to see old flames popping by for a visit, or ghosts of lovers past haunting you anew. Even if you’re tempted to go where you know you shouldn’t go, there’s also an opportunity hidden in this moment to become fully aware of the pattern so you can flush it away for good this time.
Neptune is also inconjunct the moon, which injects further confusion into the messy soup of feels. Neptune in Pisces wants to embrace everyone and extend its compassion to everyone, no matter how much they fucked up or mistreated you. But that’s very much at odds with what the moon in Leo wants to do, which is stand up for its pride and have high expectations for other people. That’s not to say that either of these is the “right” choice, necessarily. It’s just to say that you might be having a lot of conflicting feelings, and that simply recognizing their importance is good enough for now.
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