Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius: Quittin’ Time & Destabilization

Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius: Quittin’ Time & Destabilization

Between last week’s Uranus station, the onslaught of Mercury Retrograde, the Jupiter/Pluto square, and our cannonball this week into the heat of the kitchen — aka August eclipse season — it might be hard to say where, exactly, all this commotion is coming from.

It’s still worth noting that this eclipse packs a much more Uranian signature than we’d normally get — eclipses being somewhat Uranian in nature by default. The impact of Uranus, which we felt in a big way last week, is a destabilizing one. It injects the atmosphere with a metaphysical restless leg syndrome that motivates people to act out in unpredictable ways — and usually by turning on their heel to flee a set of circumstances that was actually a holding pattern created by their own inertia.

Not unlike Uranus, eclipses act to speed up the process of inevitable change. If life was crawling along at a slow, complacent, and comfortable pace, an eclipse is basically your slightly belligerent friend with maybe a couple DUIs on his record jumping into the driver’s seat and putting his weight on the gas pedal. You might be totally freaked out by his reckless, chaotic driving style, and you might not enjoy the sensation of losing control. But for what it’s worth, he’s never been in an accident, and he’ll always get you to your destination in one piece, even if you need to break out the anxiety meds along the way. It’s also slightly possible that a “safer” driver would never have gotten you to your train on time, especially if it’s your own fault for dragging your feet out the door.

Stationary Uranus demanded our attention last week, and now, we’re in the thick of a lunar eclipse in Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus in modern astrology.

Eclipses are never isolated events. They occur in pairs — once every six months or so — and always in a series. February brought us a taste of the Leo/Aquarius family of eclipses, and for many of us, the events that are currently mobilizing the ground beneath our feet are a direct followup to something we realized, or something we set out to do, in February.

Lunar eclipses typically bring endings or finality, especially if it comes in the form of an emotional release. Logical, detached Aquarius might be the last sign you’d expect to have an emotional experience in, but most of us know from experience that “feelings” are often hardest for the people who pretend not to have any. Maybe you’re trying really hard to rationalize something that can’t be dealt with in a linear way. Or maybe the Aquarius moon is coming through with a dose of much-needed objectivity.

The Leo/Aquarius polarity is also highlighting themes of royalty versus democracy in the world at large (how many more heads will roll before this month is through?), as well as themes of ego versus collective.

At 15 degrees Aquarius, the moon is also the lucky benefactor of Jupiter in Libra, even if this closely ropes the Jupiter/Pluto square into the equation. There’s a hint of fortune amid the chaos, even if we’ve completely outspent ourselves in our over-the-top zeal to succeed.

Mars is also close to home here, still closely conjunct the Sun. There might be a tendency here to see-saw between sitting with our gut impressions and acting out impulsively. Mars could also bring an irritable edge into everything we do around this time, raising the potential for emotionally charged fights.

It might be quittin’ time for many of us, and if that’s the case, we’ve probably seen the writing on the wall well ahead of Monday’s eclipse, as these are events that tend to drop lots of hints and “teaser videos” in the weeks building up to them. Here’s to change that occurs in the best interest of all, and to getting to where you’re going with your bumper intact.

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