Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius + Mercury Retrograde In Leo: A Break With The Past

Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius + Mercury Retrograde In Leo: A Break With The Past

As we near the juicy center of the summer, the astrological plot thickens with not only what appears to be this year’s most impactful eclipse on Friday, but also a Mercury station (exact tonight) to keep us extra entertained.

What makes this eclipse chart so dynamic? Well, for one, it’s happening especially close to the lunar nodes, which ratchets up the “twist of fate” potential significantly. It’s also closely conjunct retrograde Mars and square Uranus, which adds another layer of bombastic, unpredictable variability to the picture. And it’s also, astronomically, the longest lunar eclipse of the entire 21st century, casting a wyrd orange glow over the moon for more than an hour and a half.

On a national level, it’s hard not to connect the dots between recent eclipses and the unfolding saga of violence we’ve been forced to confront. Last August, we had Charlottesville. In February, we had Parkland. And now, we’re grieving the loss of Nia Wilson. These events have served as cornerstones in the incremental lifting of the veil — a process that’s shown us, more and more, exactly what we’re up against: white supremacy, toxic masculinity, and the permissive culture around it that allows it to thrive.

These are all, in some ways, emblematic of a Mars principle that’s been deeply perverted. A low-vibe Mars doesn’t fight a noble fight, and the bystanders and apologists are passing the buck on standing up for what’s right. The Martian signature of this eclipse will make this all especially clear, and with Uranus thrown into the mix, it’ll also increase our sense of urgency to do something.

On a personal level, this same underlying mood of urgency might be the last push we need out the door if we don’t feel like we’re in the right place. The Aquarius moon sits with the south node, suggesting a detached, almost emotionless break with the past. With Mars still retrograde, we might be immediately met with frustration, regardless of what we decide to do next. But just because you encounter resistance doesn’t mean you shouldn’t forge ahead, so long as you do so with care and intention.

What should give you a little bit of pause is Mercury’s retrograde station, which will amplify the signal-scrambling to a peak through the end of this week. Mercury will be retrograde until August 19th, but the days surrounding the stations are even worse in terms of “having all the facts” and understanding what the fuck that person just said (and especially in terms of making plans or decisions based on that knowledge).

Mercury will be retrograde between 23 degrees and 11 degrees Leo, whipping up additional melodrama with its propensity to take things personally. Plus, Mercury will be stationing direct on the same degree of the January 31 eclipse this year, so expect to receive some followup news to the events of six months prior.

A small blessing from the heavens is that Mercury won’t aspect Mars or Uranus during its retrograde, which are also traveling through fixed signs and could have very easily turned up with a crazy-making T-square, like it did in early July when it was direct. Still: check your facts, communicate with lots of intention, read the fine print, and give yourself extra time to commute to work over these next few weeks.

And in case you thought there wasn’t a ton of saving grace in this week’s astrology, check it out: a Venus/Pluto trine, also exact on the day of the eclipse. Even under the somewhat alienating auspices of this Aquarian moon, we’re unlikely to feel completely alone in all of this, because when Venus harmonizes with Pluto, it’s easier to share our shame, fears, and worries with others — and even nudge each other along on the path to rebirth. You might be processing a lot right now, and you might, like the water bearer, need to steal off to the river alone to do so. Just know that there’s a village waiting for you when you get back.

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