Full Moon in Virgo: Hold Up Just a Minute

Full Moon in Virgo: Hold Up Just a Minute

Depending on the kind of person you are, it might feel like a relief to bring a fine-toothed comb into the equation of the limitless, loosey-goosey Pisces season we’re currently in.

Whether you thrive in entropy or you’re a stickler for order, there’s reason to believe that Sunday’s lunation will make it entirely too clear where we’ve been cutting corners, and not for all the usual Virgo moon reasons.

That’s because Mercury — the ruler of this full moon — is making an exact square to Saturn on the same day, which is another way of saying that the doctor is in, and he fucking KNOWS you haven’t been flossing or taking your vitamins, so don’t think for a moment that you’re going to pull one over on him. Saturn in Sagittarius is bringing the full weight of its belief-oriented discipline to bear on Mercury in Pisces, which speaks in vague aphorisms and has a tendency to muddle its own message. If we haven’t been taking responsibility for our delivery and the clarity of our principles, this might be a revealing opportunity to set ourselves (and each other) straight.

With Saturn in the picture being all like “yeah, no, hold up just a minute,” this Virgo full moon might feel especially nitpicky and detail-oriented, but there’s nothing like a logistical lifesaver when you’re lost at sea with nothing else to grab hold of.

This polarity (also known as the Pisces/Virgo axis) highlights themes of service and health, ranging from the practical and material (Virgo) to the emotive and spiritual (Pisces). Though both of these archetypes are extremely selfless in nature, they also encompass the full spectrum between the finite and the infinite. There are times when it’s important to separate the wheat from the chaff and honor the physical rules and limitations of our Earthbound experience. There are also times when boundaries seem pretty besides the point, considering we’re all part of one big web of consciousness. This tension is what the full moon speaks to, asking us to consider the degree to which our perfection trips get in the way of acceptance — but also the degree to which our more impractical impulses muddle our ability to see things with a critical eye.

At 22 degrees Virgo, this full moon will most strongly affect those with personal planets within a couple degrees of 22 in any of the mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

It doesn’t seem entirely likely that anyone will be completely immune to the hypercritical mood of the day, but we all need to adult and address the flaws in our designs periodically. If you find yourself wallowing in a state of self-judgment, take a moment to honor your own process and appreciate the messy perfection of where you’re at, because nothing is ever finished or complete. Only then will it behoove you to grab a to-do list and get granular.

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