Full Moon in Virgo: A Fine-Toothed Comb

Full Moon in Virgo: A Fine-Toothed Comb

Depending on the kind of person you are, it might feel like a relief to bring a fine-toothed comb into the equation of the limitless, loosey-goosey Pisces season we’re currently in.

Pisces has a message, which is that we need to find it in ourselves to accept everything as it is. Virgo sits directly opposite Pisces, encouraging us to critique and analyze what we see.

Though they may be polar opposites, what we need to understand about Virgo and Pisces is that they have plenty in common, too. For one, neither sign is particularly interested in serving themselves. Virgo performs quiet acts of material service, and Pisces performs acts of emotional and spiritual labor for others. Among other things, this full moon is very much about reminding us to be more selective about who we give our emotional energy to, as well as encouraging us to look for some of the more practical ways we can help (you know — ways that don’t involve letting everyone trample all over your boundaries).

Though both of these archetypes are extremely selfless in nature, they also encompass the full spectrum between the finite and the infinite. There are times when it’s important to separate the wheat from the chaff and honor the physical rules and limitations of our Earthbound experience. There are also times when boundaries seem pretty besides the point, considering we’re all part of one big web of consciousness. This tension is what the full moon speaks to, asking us to consider the degree to which our perfection trips get in the way of acceptance — but also the degree to which our more impractical impulses muddle our ability to see things clearly.

At 11 degrees Virgo, the full moon is also opposite Neptune, which is closely conjunct the sun. If the sun is ego, and Neptune is a big old body of water, then this really does speak to a tendency to wash away our selfhood – to dissolve our entire sense of who we are into an ocean of compassion, illusion, or even drugs and alcohol. Though ego loss can certainly be a profound mystical experience, the Virgo moon appears to be putting us in check: are you sure your current perceptions are real? Are all these feels keeping you from attending to your mundane responsibilities? Can you explore the nebulous reaches of your consciousness and still remember to take your vitamins?

Mercury, ruler of this full moon, is also still in a lingering square to Mars, suggesting that this “message” might not be delivered in the gentlest of ways.

The nice thing about the current cosmic climate? The full moon arrives smack in the middle of two lucky Jupiter trines. Venus trines Jupiter early in the morning on the 1st, and Mercury follows suit the following morning. When Venus and Jupiter harmonize with each other, we get a joyful, social mood that lays the groundwork for abundance in many forms — both the financial and the philosophical kind. With Mercury trine Jupiter, our mental outlook receives a nice burst of optimism – perhaps in the form of good news of some kind — and we’re inclined to think about the bigger picture.

These are water trines occurring in Pisces and Scorpio, so even if we’re reckoning with the nitpicky, facts-and-logic energy of Virgo, we should still be in relatively good spirits thanks to this pleasing emotional boost. Indeed, without the hyper-critical influence of Virgo, this could push us into a lazy or overindulgent mood. But the moon is also trine Saturn in Capricorn, helping us commit to a new long-term course of action, maintain our grip on reality, and bring our realizations down to earth.

Art: Caris Reid

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