Full Moon in Taurus: The Comfort of Rebellion

Full Moon in Taurus: The Comfort of Rebellion

The full moon is a conclusion, and Taurus is stubborn as fuck. But there’s reason to believe we won’t be totally unwilling to budge during this year’s Full Moon in Taurus.

That’s because a Taurus Moon answers to Venus, and Venus doesn’t really have her marching orders down at the moment: she’s too busy facing off with unpredictable Uranus. She also happens to be in talks with Saturn, who is helping her delineate healthy relationship boundaries in the midst of all this flux. We might find ourselves judiciously choosing who to commit our resources to, and who to shelve for their erratic behavior. Perhaps it’s you who needs more freedom and space, and saying “no” is what it means to reclaim your joy.

What you need to understand about the Taurus Moon is that it loves to luxuriate in place. Behind the bull’s intransigence is a carefulness and a sense of deliberation that suggests we took our time and weighed all our options, and the position that we’ve arrived to is the only viable one. This is a moment of exalted comfort, and it’s less about the unpredictable nature of what’s going on with us externally, and more about the sense of security we carry with us inside.

A Taurus full moon turns our attention toward issues of value and belonging. The way we appraise things — be they our possessions or the more precious commodities in our lives — is coming up for review at the moment.

This full moon also highlights the Taurus/Scorpio axis, creating a dynamic between our personal and collective resources. It’s the difference between digging deep into the soil and taking a break to simply exist on top of it. Transformation is necessary and heavy work, but who said you can’t balance that with pleasure and creature comforts? Self-care might be our only recourse when change and upheaval are running the show, and by filling our own cup first, we’ll have more to bring to the negotiating table.

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