Full Moon In Scorpio: A Confrontation With Decay

Full Moon In Scorpio: A Confrontation With Decay

It’s tempting to let all this new life distract you, but in the midst of spring renewals and the relief of feeling our plans begin to move forward again, nature has a well-timed delivery. It’s a confrontation with the beauty of decay — a reminder that you can’t get the bloom without the withered fruit that prepped the soil.

Traditionally, the moon was considered to be in its fall in Scorpio, which is astro-speak for “deeply out of sorts.” This makes sense when you consider what the function of the moon actually is in astrology. The moon involves our desire to be fed and provided-for — to feel safe and happy on a primordial, lizard-brain-like level. It’s our unconscious, irrational impulses and the seat of the emotional soul.

The logic behind the moon being exalted in Taurus — Scorpio’s opposite sign — is that Taurus is a sign of material riches. The fluctuating moon feels stable here; it feels sated; it feels safe.

But in Scorpio, the floor drops out. The stable earthly paradise that we encountered in Taurus crumbles to reveal a bottomless ocean full of weird, mysterious creatures. In Scorpio, we confront the totality of our experience, and we’re always hungry for more. This doesn’t make the Scorpio moon a “bad” placement — it’s a necessary confrontation with the forces that perplex and disquiet us. And without that, there’s really no moving forward.

The full moon in Scorpio sits opposite the Taurus sun, highlighting the polarity between what we understand through our five senses versus that which we understand on a psychological level; of staying in place versus transmutation; of material form versus the shadow it casts.

This past week’s Mars/Pluto conjunction is also still very much in effect, creating some more context for this emotional crescendo. Mars and Pluto are the co-rulers of Scorpio, so the moon is ultimately “answering to” this no-holds-barred, dominate-or-be-dominated alignment. As mentioned earlier this week, this conjunction can provide determination and courage, or it can stoke our baser instincts and compulsions, tempting us to bulldoze over anyone in our path.

At 9 degrees Scorpio, the moon also squares the nodes, which is more or less like being directly in the line of fire for our own karmic advancement. In this awkward no-man’s-land between our comfort zone and that new potential we haven’t totally owned yet, we come up hard against the liminal process of moving from one thing to the next. And it’s the kind of jolt that moves things forward.

Moreover, the transformative potential of this moon is filtered through a pragmatic Capricorn lens. Mars and Pluto are both here, as is Saturn, which is exactly sextile the full moon. Ultimately, there’s a sense of purpose and order inherent in all of this, and the work we do now could very well help us build productively toward our future. It’s okay to be hungry and discontent sometimes. Those are merely the conditions that precede fulfillment.

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