Full Moon in Sagittarius/Jupiter Direct: Eternal Seeking and External Validation

Full Moon in Sagittarius/Jupiter Direct: Eternal Seeking and External Validation

One would imagine that the situation on Mount Olympus is pretty lit right now. Jupiter (the planet, who was also frequently personified as a god, or Zeus) is buying everyone rounds now that he’s finally stationing direct after a months-long retrograde. And to celebrate, there’s a Sagittarius Full Moon in his honor — Jupiter being the ruler of Sagittarius and all that.

Since February 6, retrograde Jupiter has slowed the pace of our external gains in order to direct its expansive ways to a slightly more introspective place. Jupiter might have a reputation for being a Daddy Warbucks with deep pockets for all, but you can’t always expect the universe to make it rain 24/7 if you haven’t primed yourself to receive all that good fortune.

Assuming you’ve used the cudgel of your impatience to do some inner work, you might begin to (finally!) receive some outside validation for your efforts in the coming weeks. But give it until early or mid-September to delineate the high water mark of your own personal growth. Jupiter will exit the retrograde shadow at 23 degrees Libra — right on the especially auspicious fixed star Spica.

For now, we’re left with an opportunity to “see the big picture” as the Full Moon brings things to a head between data-happy Gemini and visionary Sagittarius.

The Full Moon takes place at 9:09 am Eastern time at 18 degrees Sagittarius — with Jupiter’s direct station hot on its heels at 10:04 am.

From a mundane perspective, this is some pretty poignant astrology, people. Jupiter in Libra has brought some major juju to the courts and legal system over the last several months (Jupiter magnifies and expands, and it seeks to do so wherever Jupiterian things are involved, like knowledge, morality, and honor in this case; Libra, as you may know, involves the scales of justice).

What could be a more perfect representation of the Sagittarius Full Moon — an all-will-be-revealed opposition between the Sun and the Moon in the sign of the truth-seeking centaur — than the drama of Comey’s testimony against Trump? Would it blow your mind a little to learn that Comey and Trump’s natal Sun placements are in perfect opposition, in those same signs? That’s 22’56” Gemini for Trump, and 22’43” Sagittarius for Comey.

But anyway. The rest of us plebes will either be munching on popcorn or tending to the impact of this lunation on our own private world. The way we think and talk about things is a big component of the Gemini/Sagittarius axis, and it’s probably a good time to ask yourself whether you’ve been too busy “waiting for the facts to come in” (Gemini) to stand up for your principles (Sag) — or whether you’ve been a little too rigid in your beliefs (Sag) to allow new information (Gemini) to sway your perspective.

Ultimately, the Sag Moon is interested in painting with a broad, optimistic brush, and it’s only satisfied when it’s free to continue its quest for meaning (and no, no mountain is too high for that). Whether we book our tickets for some international travel or search for some perspective a little closer to home, it might still be a good idea to take it all in with a grain of salt. Neptune is forming a T-square to the Moon and Sun, adding a dose of misleading potential to the picture.

Ultimately, Jupiter is very much in the thick of the action too, sitting in a trine with the Sun and a sextile to the Moon. Take note of what’s coming through the airwaves to you right now — or lighting a fire under your ass. It’ll all make sense in due time.

In the meantime, get the full scoop on how this is affecting you personally with a detailed, speaking-specifically-to-you personal horoscope.