Full Moon in Libra: Not Your Average Bar Joke

Full Moon in Libra: Not Your Average Bar Joke

A lovely Libra moon walks into a bar and directly into the middle of a tense standoff between the grim reaper, an anarchist revolutionary, and an off-duty Santa.

The Libra moon is a Gandhi quote personified, so she hates this entire situation already, but she immediately gets to work by executing all the diplomacy tactics she learned at her United Nations semester intensive, exhorting everyone to just take a moment to see where the other guy is coming from.

Unfortunately for her, her ruling planet, Venus, is still retrograde and locked into a bummer of a Saturn square, so she’s sort of sniffly — not exactly firing on all four cylinders. She’s been a little too busy exhuming all the skeletons in her Venusian armoire, and we all know that getting to the bottom of your self-esteem and relationship hangups is hard motherfucking work. Besides, it’s not as though Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter are immediately ready to hear her out. All they hear is “superficial harmony at all costs,” and they’ve got a score to settle this year.

This has a way of exaggerating La Luna’s already emotional state (given that it’s kinda her time of the month), so now everyone’s feeling a little extra. But just when you think it’s time to alert the bouncers, the Libra Full Moon looks to her left and sees that Jupiter is actually kind of in her court on this one — he’s only a couple degrees away in Libra, and he’s also retrograde like her chief executive Venus, so he totally gets what she’s been going through. He’s actually the guy who’s been trying to get Uranus and Pluto to relent on their ragged individualism and power-tripping in favor of a little peace, justice, and equality. In the absence of those things, he’s had to pull out his big guns recently, also known as the checks and balances of the legal system. But Pluto and Uranus have tested the limits of his usually vast benevolence, and he’s not above getting belligerent to make a point.

The Sun, who is far too flashy of a dresser to escape notice, turns to face the Moon directly and play devil’s advocate, stopping just a few inches short of “well actually”-ing her. These two are old friends, and they have a habit of contradicting each other on a monthly basis, if only to attain a semblance of resolution or ultimate knowledge. The Sun has been sitting in Uranus’ corner all night, encouraging his Aries-flavored self-determination trip, but he can’t help but want to hash things out when he’s opposing his girl Luna.

The Sun and the Moon decide to get into it again tonight. They’ve got an age-old conversation going surrounding the Aries/Libra axis, otherwise known as the polarity between the self and the other; between independence and relationship. The Sun brings up some good points about applying your own oxygen mask before trying to save the people around you, but ultimately, the Moon manages to make a more powerful case regarding the importance of being mutually supportive and tactful. Besides, she says — everything’s best in moderation.

Record scratch. Did you think these bar brawlers wouldn’t be back at it eventually? To be sure, they’re not quite done with each other, astrologically speaking. But for now, everyone is emotionally exhausted enough to receive some of what’s being said, even if it doesn’t effect an immediate behavioral shift. Lest you forgot, a seed of awareness (and an epic hangover) are germinating. Happy harmonizing everyone.

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