Full Moon In Libra: Harmony Sometimes Comes At A Cost

Full Moon In Libra: Harmony Sometimes Comes At A Cost

Just because the invitation promised a Venus-flavored lovefest doesn’t mean we’re in the mood to just sit around eating bonbons wearing polite Mona Lisa smiles.

For a full moon in Libra — which is ruled by Venus newly initiated into her peaceful, resplendent home sign of Taurus — the chart of the moment is actually looking somewhat tense.

At 10 degrees Libra, the moon sits opposite retrograde Mercury, which is combust the sun (in other words, not doing too hot BECAUSE it’s too hot. And yeah, that’s on top of the malfunctioning retrograde stuff). Forming the third leg of this super fun T-square is Mars and Saturn in Capricorn, a combination that can really emphasize and frustrate any areas where we feel held back or restrained.

On its own, a Libra full moon would be all about highlighting themes of give and take in our lives — of balancing out the brash individuality of Aries with the more polite and cooperative imperative of compromise. But as someone with a Mars/Mercury/Saturn T-square in my own chart (and I suppose a Libra Ascendant that’s loosely filling out the fourth leg of a grand cross), I think I can speak from experience when I say that harmony can sometimes come at a cost — especially when it’s harmony at all costs.

Constant self-censoring; submitting your thoughts to the revolving review panel of the imaginary “other”; submerging your anger behind a thin veneer of niceties — there’s no love in that. Even (and especially if) you think you’re doing it for the benefit of someone else. Small children cry and throw tantrums because they don’t know how else to express themselves. They have something they want to say, but no way to communicate it. The frustration of that alone can be worse than whatever started it all.

The full moon is a time of peak illumination, and we’re seeing just how challenging it can be to use our words as an effective outlet for blocked and frustrated energy, all while taking someone else’s feelings into account.

With Mars and Saturn taking the brunt of all this stress, the answer lies in how well we can meet the standards of wise man Capricorn, a sign where both of these planets are typically at their best. Take repression, and make it into a mature, measured response. Take impulse, and refine it with self-control. Take the raw material of your anger, and use it to build toward something — not blow it all apart.

Art: @liquid_pink

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