Full Moon in Gemini + Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius: Forget What You Know

Full Moon in Gemini + Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius: Forget What You Know

We’re living through a moment, and the moment wants you to forget about what you think you know.

These couple of days in particular are chock full of misinformation, miscommunication, and misperception. Today’s full moon in Gemini — the only supermoon of the year — is magnifying the differential between “facts” and “knowledge,” and just hours apart from Mercury’s station retrograde in the sign of the truth-seeking centaur. Keep in mind that Mercury is the planetary ruler of Gemini. There’s a spotlight on Gemini themes like information, news, and communication, but only as an opening hook to this three-week retrograde period, which will begin in confusion and, theoretically, end in a reevaluated set of beliefs.

It’s oddly fitting that James Comey trolled Trump with this Buddha quote yesterday: “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”

As it so happens, the sun and the moon are both putting each other on full blast at the moment, and we’re entering a weeks-long period of reckoning with truth — of cerebral Mercury backpedaling through the Sagittarian terrain of truth, meaning, and knowledge.

Funnily enough, this isn’t the first time that Comey and Trump have enacted a full moon morality play of sorts. Back in June, we had a Gemini sun opposing the Sagittarius full moon — the inverse of what we have now — at the moment of Comey’s initial testimony against Trump. Their natal suns are in perfect opposition at 22’56” Gemini for Trump, and 22’43” Sagittarius for Comey. This occasion also coincided with Jupiter stationing direct: the planetary ruler of Sagittarius. The universe is often exquisite in its symmetry.

Anyhow, back to the broader shitshow. Retrograde energy is always strongest around the dates of the planetary stations. And as if that weren’t enough, the full moon is also in an exact square with delusion-making Neptune. Holy confusion and uncertainty Batman.

Let’s start with the very obvious premise that nothing is currently as it seems. No matter how triggered we feel or worried we might be, the overriding message of Mercury Retrograde is that we don’t know the entire story yet, and we’re better off acting accordingly.

The disparity between Gemini and Sagittarius is one of information versus meaning; data versus conclusions; logic versus belief. The full moon is bringing new information or news to light. Can we integrate this data into our existing worldview, or are our belief systems too rigid to adapt?

Mercury’s mischief over the coming weeks will ask us to be flexible on this front. We’ll also have to exercise extra tact and patience with each other. Mercury is especially sloppy in the sign of Sagittarius, where blunt, careless words often fly with little consideration. We might also be directionally challenged under this influence, travel-wise. The centaur usually has a good sense of where he’s shooting his arrows, but trickster Mercury is messing with his aim.

The positive upside of all of this? It’s a great time to dust off and reflect on an old vision, course of study, or adventure you’d dreamed up for yourself, but maybe had to table due to limiting circumstances. Mercury is currently still conjunct Saturn, so it’s unlikely you’ll be off the hook now, either. But this aspect helps us perceive the roadblocks and limitations in our path, which ultimately helps us deal with them in a productive manner.

If the Sun/Moon/Neptune T-square is too much befuddlement for you to handle at the moment, look to the Virgo house in your chart for an outlet. T-squares can often be alleviated by addressing the missing fourth point, which is Virgo in this case. What is the prescribed medicine suggested by this part of your chart? Broadly speaking, Virgo loves precision and detail, which sounds like an ideal form of relief for everyone involved.

Of course, remember your usual Mercury Retrograde meds: avoid signing contracts, purchasing new electronics, or making any major decisions if you can help it. If you can’t, then live your life, and just read the fine print extra carefully.

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