Full Moon in Capricorn: Like a Wrecking Ball

Full Moon in Capricorn: Like a Wrecking Ball

Most of us know that “moon” and “mom” is sort of synonymous in astrology. But it’s easy to forget that being a good parent can sometimes mean being a bad friend — even in a cosmic sense.

This Full Moon does not bode to be a gentle one, but this can go better or worse depending on how you feel about tough love. The Moon is generally not as comfortable doling out emotional TLC in the somewhat uptight domain of Capricorn, where “adulting” and “learning lessons” are basically the same thing as a hug. And to top it off, this Moon is almost exactly conjunct Pluto, which wants to make damn well sure that we’re purging and demolishing wherever necessary.

As an opposition between the Cancer Sun and the Capricorn Moon, this annual event always involves the tension between our private and our public lives; home and work; mom and dad; emotional vulnerability and emotional reservation; and “doing the work to earn the thing” versus “being unconditionally cared for.” What’s the prevailing story in our lives? Is it our career trajectory, or is it the private nest we’re building with our biological or chosen family? Does it have to always be one or the other, or can we really have it all?

Add Pluto into the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for an inescapable confrontation with your Jungian shadow. This dance is choreographed according to Capricorn’s aesthetic priorities, which will always involve some form of taking responsibility for ourselves — and therefore fully acknowledging our role in creating our circumstances.

It’s also hard to ignore the fact that Capricorn is all about edifice and structure, and Pluto is basically a giant wrecking ball — only way less cute than Miley would have you believe. If there’s a “building” in your life that isn’t up to code, you’re probably better off giving it up to the forces of necessary destruction now. It’s possible that the eclipses in August will take care of it for you otherwise, but Full Moons are all about “seeing the writing on the wall,” so after this point, it’ll be hard for any of us to say that we didn’t see this coming.

Will this be a major gamechanger for everyone? Probably not, but keep your eyes peeled if you have personal planets and points in the mid-degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn — the Full Moon occurs at 17 degrees Capricorn, and Pluto is resting at 18.

The Moon/Sun opposition is also in a T-square with Jupiter at 14 degrees Libra, which will almost certainly ratchet up the magnitude of this realization and encourage a tendency to overcompensate by bending in every direction to make everyone happy. The only way out of this stalemate is by addressing the missing fourth point of the cross, which is represented by Aries in this case. It might well be the case that we’re better off saying “fuck it” and going our own way for now, or perhaps forging a new path delineated by our own instinctual desires.

This will probably mean being a little bit selfish, and it will probably mean the opposite of overthinking everything to death. When in doubt, head in the direction of the option that feels like freedom and excitement in your mind. The Capricorn Moon will see to it that we’re not neglecting our responsibilities, but sometimes, the responsible thing to do is to be completely honest about what you want.

Art: Nick Cave

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