Full Moon in Cancer: An Occasion for Deep-Sea Diving

Full Moon in Cancer: An Occasion for Deep-Sea Diving

If Cancer had its way, we’d all celebrate this full moon at home in our pajamas, weeping gratuitously over a generous serving of cheesy carbs.

Assuming you don’t subscribe to the tired, old cliche of Cancer the crybaby, however, you’re probably still well aware that this full moon will be more emotional than most. The sensitive, temperamental moon is at home in Cancer — the sign of its rulership — because no one is a better conduit for pure, unadulterated feeling than the moody crab.

Vulnerable on the inside, spiky on the outside, the crab wears its armor because it’s not always good at putting up boundaries without it. Without its shell, the changeable tidal waters of its home environment would leave it naked, cold, and exposed to the elements. With a reasonable amount of self-protection, crabs can thrive in an environment that’s often too saturated with emotions, impressions, and memories for most.

Having said that, this full moon is an occasion for deep-sea diving. An emotional climax will always be a potent experience when Cancer is involved, but this moon’s sitting in a grand square between Jupiter, Pluto, and Uranus — and in demanding cardinal signs, no less. Picture a four-way tug-of-war between Jupiter in Libra’s big, highly moral hopes for us to all get along; Pluto in Capricorn’s gut renovation of traditions and institutions; Uranus in Aries’ impatient revolution of individualism; and the big, watery moon’s attempts to feel and process it all.

On a personal and collective level, this four-way dynamic proposes abrupt change and unexpected emotional revelations — the kind you only encounter when you touch the third rail of your psychological baggage for the first time in ages.

Like all full moons, this one also involves a much simpler polarity. The Cancer/Capricorn axis is about the tension between our private and public lives, or more often, our degree of work/life balance. We all need to live up to our responsibilities in the world at large, but we also need a secure home base (and plenty of self-care) in order to pull it off. Too much of either can be severely debilitating.

Lest you be fooled, there’s also plenty happening today beyond the moon party. Mercury, which is now thankfully direct, moves back into Capricorn to offer us a handy assist in clear-headed thinking and sober perception. However, a Venus/Neptune conjunction softens our edges, making us more malleable and receptive to the messages that are swimming around in the ether with us. We can’t help but revel in the beauty and creativity of this moment, even if it’s wrapped in a package of pain and sorrow.

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