Full Moon in Aries: The Union of Venus and Mars

Full Moon in Aries: The Union of Venus and Mars

I don’t really know about all being fair in love and war, but whoever came up with that notion was probably thinking of a way to specifically describe this Full Moon (yes, I know. Don’t overthink it. It makes plenty of sense).

An opposition between the Aries Moon and the Libra Sun can perhaps better be described as “being oriented in fairness, but being emotionally primed for war.” Except in this case, the fight might just lead to really good sex. That’s because love goddess Venus, ruler of Libra, is conjunct warrior Mars, the ruler of Aries and the ruler of this Full Moon, temporary canceling out his bloodlust with a sweet, distracting kiss. Or, if we’re being real about it, Venus and Mars are totally fucking right now.

If you’ve followed astrology for a bit, you’ve probably heard Venus and Mars referred to as the cosmic lovers, forever chasing each other in the sky and bending the dynamics of the masculine/feminine polarity (not to be confused with the extremely limiting gender binary of the mortal human sense; this is more of a metaphysical expression of yin and yang, shiva and shakti, consciousness and form-giving potential).

Roughly once every two years (but sometimes more than that if one of the planets has a retrograde), Venus and Mars form a conjunction, creating unity between their disparate energies and initiating a new chapter of their story together. Like any act of creation, it’s a sexy and erotically charged union. And with the energetic principle of “love” and “war” momentarily uniting to balance out Libra’s scales, it’s possible to see the very distant sense of “fairness” in all of this.

But down here, where we’re all hashing things out on a human, terrestrial level, the Aries Moon is saying “um, actually, fuck this shit, and here’s why.” There’s a Pluto square in this equation, confronting us with the darkest aspects of our experience. Mercury is also combust the Sun, which is another way of saying that the heat in the kitchen is making it kind of hard to perceive things rationally right now.

Usually we say the Full Moon is a time when things are culminating, but perhaps in this case, they’re reaching a boiling point. Ever direct and to the point, the Aries Moon wants a much simpler answer than the endlessly deliberating Libra Sun is ready to give. Be more selfish, or be more compromising? Is it me, or is it you? To honor the ego, or to prioritize cooperation? More action, or more consideration? You’d think that with a Sun/Moon opposition, there’d be no tidy solution to all of this. And yet Venus and Mars — the planetary “parents” of our current Sun and Moon — are having a hell of a time cleaning up in the very tidy sign of Virgo.

Art: Caris Reid

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