Full Moon In Aries: Disturbing The Peace

Full Moon In Aries: Disturbing The Peace

An opposition between the Aries Moon and the Libra Sun can perhaps best be described as “being oriented in compromise, but being emotionally primed for war.”

Because of this, relationship troubles are normally a prime suspect for any Aries full moon drama that’s headed our way. But in this particular case, I would wager that the war is much more with ourselves, and much more in our own heads.

This full moon is right there in the thick of it with bleeding-heart Chiron, which is just about to retrograde out of Aries (tomorrow!) and back into Pisces for a spell. Chiron in Aries is a brand new flavor for anyone under the age of 41, but we’ve all, in our own ways, just barely dipped our toes into this transit, which began this past April. Chiron will be back in Aries for good in February 2019, but this full moon serves as a splashy punctuation point, or a farewell for the time being. The wounds we carry around our identities, around our independence, around our confidence, and around our ability to take up space are coming into sharp focus right now, and mostly in the form of an introduction. We’ll have much more time to sit with these themes beginning next year, but for now, we’re sort of just running over the script (and perhaps realizing some things about ourselves for the first time).

In addition to the Moon and Chiron hanging out, we’ve also got Mercury and the Sun opposing them in Libra. These two are doing their best to get us to see and listen to the other people in our midst, but this is easier said than done when we’re so consumed with our own story. Aries can sometimes forget there are other people around, and its needs and wants are always wrapped in a sense of urgency. If there’s something personal you’re trying to deal with at the moment, it might very well demand all of your attention, which is challenging for both you and the people who might be trying to get through to you right now.

Saturn is also currently square (in the middle of) this confrontation, which can definitely make the mental outlook gloomier than it needs to be (and make us prone to lots of negative self-talk). But it’s only getting involved to ensure we’re handling this with a sense of maturity and responsibility, and most importantly, that we’re learning something from all of this. Saturn can present as an obstacle or a sense of being punished in this equation, but this is more than likely a sign that we’re not practicing due diligence or rising to the occasion completely.

With a proactive sextile to Mars and a growth-assisting trine to the North Node, this full moon seems like it’s ultimately on our side, even if it disturbs the peace we’re trying so hard to cultivate during this cordial and diplomatic Libra Season. If you need a moment for yourself today, don’t deny yourself that medicine. Just don’t forget to move decisively once you’ve thought about how to move forward from here, and don’t forget to rejoin your favorite folks when you’re ready.


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Photo: Raj Eiamworakul