Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces

Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces

Let’s take a moment to talk about finality.

A board meeting of all the woo-woos in the world could not have dreamed up a more perfect storm of cyclical endings coinciding in the same month-long period.

If you’re hip to numerology, you’re probably aware that 2016 is what’s considered to be a global “9” year. Collectively, we do our humanity thing in recurring 9-year cycles, with each year representing certain themes associated with that number.

Some might argue that history is doomed to repeat itself, like a loop. I like to think it’s more like a spiral with rhyming refrains.

The point being that 2016 is not 2007, but they have certain things in common. A “9” year represents completion, but it also represents karmic deliverance. In 2007, the U.S. was wrapping up a 9-year cycle of giddy economic growth that began in the midst of the dot-com bubble and ended with the first foreshadowings of the coming financial collapse. In 2016, we’re reaching the end of a historic presidency that has either paved the way for more equity or a resultant backlash from those who feel they’re losing their standing in society.

This month in particular contains what many refer to as the “9-9-9” portal. To break it down quickly: September 9, 2016 = 9/9/2016 = 9/9/2+1+6 = 9/9/9. This happens two more times this month, on the 18th and the 27th. The number 9 — much like the sign Pisces — represents unity, completion, the collective unconscious, spirit stripped of ego, and the lessons and memories of all that came before it.

This “portal,” much like an eclipse, serves to speed up and intensify the process that’s already been underway throughout much of 2016. Both events act like alchemical bottlenecks of potential and transition. In plain English, this means we’re dealing with an extremely potent opportunity for release: whatever’s not working, whatever we’ve outgrown, whatever we’ve struggled to put to bed for ages.

Not entirely coincidentally, September 9 also saw the ingress of Jupiter into Libra for the next 13 months, demarcating the completion of another cycle. If it’s wishful thinking to hope that Libra’s diplomatic, just, and peaceful vibes will help tilt the scales toward equity, let’s just take whatever we can get for now, I guess.

In the meantime, we’ve got another set of completions to grapple with: though each lunar eclipse on its own brings swift and sudden endings, Friday’s lunar eclipse in Pisces also comes on the tail end of the Saturn/Neptune squares. Saturn and Neptune had been locking horns since last November, but last weekend marked the third and final square in that series.

This anxiety-stoking alignment involved major tension between Saturn in Sagittarius — which brings gloomy vibes and restriction to our efforts to embrace those who hail from outside our tribe, as well as a sprinkle of dogma for good measure — and Neptune in Pisces, which wants to cast aside the hard facts in favor of compassion, understanding, and other hippie stuff. At the end of the day, that left us with a toxic brew of fear-mongering and xenophobia that is hopefully on its way out. If this is the case, the eclipse in the final degrees of Pisces — the last sign of the zodiac, and the one that urges us to choose unity and compassion over division — will give it an extra boot out the door.

There’s reason to believe this eclipse means business, and that’s because it rests with Chiron and the South Node. All eclipses are aligned with either the North or South Node — the difference being that the North Node shows us the way forward, or where our evolution is headed, and that the South Node represents the karmic egress point, or the old, cozy patterns we can easily revert to when we’re not being vigilant. With Chiron in the mix, there’s always an element of pain or healing to reckon with. All signs point to the cleansing of old emotional wounds and a spring cleaning for our collective psyche — come six months early and not a moment too soon.

If you’re wondering how this will affect you personally, think back to what was coming out of the woodwork for you around the corresponding March 8 new moon solar eclipse in Pisces. Lunar eclipses have a way of wrapping up the loose ends from six months prior, and they often do so with breathtaking speed and finality. As we’ve already deduced, there’s reason to believe this eclipse has every intention of driving that point home.

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