Fall Equinox/Sun In Libra: All The World’s A Mirror

Fall Equinox/Sun In Libra: All The World’s A Mirror

Eventually, the anal-retentiveness of Virgo must be set aside in order to balance our needs with another’s. We can only impose our own nitpicking on the world so much before it becomes necessary to relax our own vision of perfection in order to accommodate another’s.

The even deeper truth of the Libra archetype is: all the world’s a mirror. Our experience of The Other is the experience of consciousness coming into contact with itself. “We do not see things as they are; we see things as we are,” goes the saying. We’re basically only ever projecting things onto everyone else, and everyone else is projecting back onto us. This hall of mirrors can twist, distort, and stretch the truth, but no one can deny that it’s fun to look at. Why else would Libras be stereotyped as vain?

The sun’s ingress into the sign of Libra coincides with the equinox: a time of equal night and day; a fulcrum point between light and dark. But it’s worth considering that though this happens twice a year, only one of those days marks the Sun’s ingress into the territory of balance and equality.

The Spring Equinox represents the alpha/omega point of the zodiac, a time of beginnings contained in endings and the promise of new life. It seems fair to say that the very act of emerging from the womb, of starting something new, requires a certain degree of selfishness or ego. Aries says “me first,” because without that impetuous drive to emerge as ourselves, to assume an identity for the first time, we’d be having a very different kind of experience (perhaps as protons in a sea of weird soup).

Libra is a little less decisive than that. You can fault the scales all you want for wobbling back and forth, but that’s part of the work that’s required of us if we’re serious about this whole coexistence thing. If you’ve ever been to a protest or demonstration that leveraged the people’s mic method to amplify various voices, you’re probably well aware that real democracy is taxing, time-consuming, and oftentimes emotionally exhausting work. When everyone is given a platform to speak, the conversation can go back and forth for ages without ever reaching a clear consensus.

But for now, at least, the need for decisive action is less important than our ability to encounter The Other with fairness, grace, and diplomacy. People with strong Libra placements can sometimes be accused of not having clear convictions, or of being overly accommodating, or of being allergic to ever rocking the boat with realness, but it’s really because harmony (and trying to see things from another person’s point of view) happens to be a greater priority at this pit stop on the zodiac wheel.

As the air element of Venus, Libra definitely has a keen eye for beauty and aesthetics. If Taurus is the earth, or material aspect of Venus, Libra is the more abstract, intellectual expression of Venus, which is why it’s more concerned with social dynamics, culture, and aesthetics. Many Libras love to be cultured and in-the-know, and they’re deeply attuned to fashion and trends. The Libra eye is basically a soft Instagram filter that smooths over all the imperfections (see that Virgo to Libra progression there?), and with an expertly framed and balanced composition.

Because of all of this, many people associate Libra with fluffy stuff like fashion, beauty, people-pleasing, and puppy love. What they sometimes forget is that Libra is a get-shit-done cardinal sign; an iron fist in a velvet glove, as they say, which commands a change of seasons and a collective shift toward the ideals of justice and harmony.

This can involve heavy subject matter, but these are heavy times we’re living in. Fortunately, Libra energy has a way of lightening the mood, even as it’s drawing attention to all the unfairness in the world. For fuck’s sake: schedule a deeply romantic date night, make sure you’re up to date on all the new art exhibits in town, indulge your inner socialite, and don’t let anyone see you in last season’s rags. Happy Fall everyone.

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