Do you love following astrology blogs and digging up dirt on other people? Are you mystified by charts when you see them? Are you struggling to move beyond a dependency on other people or websites to interpret what’s going on in the sky? Can you faithfully recite the planetary associations without a real understanding of why, say, Venus rules love and money?

This 16-week beginner’s astrology course will ground you in a deep, holistic understanding of the astrological archetypes, as well as give you the skills and the confidence to read any chart.

This won’t require a major time commitment, either. I’ll send easily digestible, weekly lessons to your inbox that you can absorb on your own time. Your “homework” will include journaling, doing practice charts, and participating in group discussions — as much or as little as you have time for.


In four months, you’ll walk away with:

  • A clear understanding of the signs, planets, and houses that goes beyond the “what,” but also explains “why” and “how” the archetypes work
  • The ability to integrate the archetypes into a holistic understanding of the astrological cycle (including moon cycles, aspects, modalities, house systems, rulerships and dignities, and more)
  • The ability to confidently read a chart — as well as drown out the white noise and read for what you actually want to know
  • A deeper understanding of your natal aspects (and the natal aspects of your favorite people)
  • The ability to understand the cosmic weather (including retrogrades, planetary returns, and eclipses) and predict the major themes of your own upcoming transits
  • Knowledge of the common misconceptions people frequently have about astrology (and mistakes you may or may not currently be making)
  • A philosophical understanding of how to think about and use astrology to improve your life 


My main goal for this course is to coax you out of the well-worn, habituated grooves of your thinking about astrology and rid you of some of the “bad habits” you may have picked up along the way.
There’s an endless amount of free information online for people who are curious about astrology. Some of it is excellent, some of it is okay, and some of it is utter nonsense (cue astrology memes on Instagram that categorize the signs as various bowls of mac ‘n cheese). If you’ve been trying to teach yourself astrology but still can’t fully grasp the concepts you’re reading about online, then this course is for you.


Included with your tuition:
  • Course material that you can download and save for future reference
  • Access to a Facebook group (or other forum, if enough people vote otherwise) where you can solidify your understanding through frequent discussions
  • A free, four-month subscription to a daily, weekly, or monthly TDH transit report to supplement your learning (current subscribers can take advantage of this too!)
  • A safe, supportive environment where you can ask questions about your own astrology in order to deepen your knowledge through what you’ve personally experienced
  • Lots of one-on-one attention from me, as well as community support from your classmates
  • Creative exercises that are designed to change the way you think about astrology


Here’s an overview of the syllabus (yes, I just used that word):

Lesson 1: The inner planets; understanding archetypes and how they show up in natal charts, transits & the world at large
Lesson 2: The outer planets; modern vs traditional astrology
Lesson 3: Signs I (Aries – Virgo)
Lesson 4: Signs II (Libra – Pisces); understanding planets in different signs
Lesson 5: Moon cycles: a precursor to aspects
Lesson 6: Considering the whole wheel: aspects, modalities, elements & more
Lesson 7: Houses I (1-6)
Lesson 8: Houses II (7-12); putting it all together
Lesson 9: Chart-reading 101: understanding glyphs, house systems, house cusps, the cardinal axis & more
Lesson 10: Rulerships & dignities; identifying chart and house rulers
Lesson 11: Workshopping natal aspects; understanding orbs
Lesson 12: Workshopping personal transits
Lesson 13: Retrogrades & returns
Lesson 14: Nodes & eclipses
Lesson 15: Filtering out the noise: how to read for what you need (money, love, health, etc.)
Lesson 16: Contextualizing astrology: arriving to a healthy philosophical framework for your practice

Click here for a free preview of Lesson 1!


To register: Fill out the registration prompt below and then submit your payment via the form at the bottom of this page (hit the “Start” or “Register Here” button). Cost is $49/mo for 4 months, or $189 for the whole course upfront. Low-income students are welcome to get in touch with me via email or DM for a potential price reduction.


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