Ally Ahao

Photo by Ally Zhao

The Daily Hunch is a one-woman show who goes by the legal name of Stephanie Koyfman, but I’ve always been more of a “Steph.” Cancer Sun, Taurus Moon, Libra Rising. HBU?

I’ve been a storyteller since I was old enough to read, or demand to hear the same giant stack of Russian folktales every night before bed. I’ve had love affairs with fiction, poetry, mythology, journalism, and astrology, and in many ways, The Daily Hunch is a vehicle for all of those things.

I decided to start The Daily Hunch when I realized that I was already sharing frequent astrological insights with the people around me (often unsolicited, sorry), that my fascination with it has only intensified over time, and that it was getting harder and harder to think of it as a casual fling. If I can explain something to you in a way that clicks, or if I can show you that astrology is way more complex and multifaceted than a sun-sign horoscope, then I’d consider my job done.

For any questions, concerns, to book a reading, or just to say hi: email hello@thedailyhunch.com for the quickest response.






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